31 Celebrities Who Look Completely Different Now Than They Did 10 Years Ago

    Because somehow it's already been 10 years since 2011.

    1. Ariana Grande now:

    Ariana Grande 10 years ago:

    launching her first single put your hearts up

    2. Cody Simpson now:

    Cody Simpson 10 years ago:

    looking very much 12 years old

    3. Khloe Kardashian now:

    Khloe Kardashian 10 years ago:

    her american awards promo pic

    4. Kim Kardashian now:

    Kim Kardashian 10 years ago:

    with the guy she married for 72 hours

    5. Justin Bieber now:

    Justin Bieber 10 years ago:

    with selena gomez

    6. Selena Gomez now:

    Selena Gomez 10 years ago:

    with taylor swift and justin bieber at an award show

    7. Saoirse Ronan now:

    at the academy awards

    Saoirse Ronan 10 years ago:

    at comicon

    8. Cole and Dylan Sprouse now:

    embracing each other

    Cole and Dylan Sprouse 10 years ago:

    still embracing each other

    9. Ed Sheeran now:

    at some car event

    Ed Sheeran 10 years ago:

    posing awkwardly

    10. Kendall Jenner now:


    Kendall Jenner 10 years ago:

    at some random nailpolish red carpet

    11. Kylie Jenner now:

    at the vanity faire party

    Kylie Jenner 10 years ago:

    being awk

    12. Liam Payne now:

    with some girl

    Liam Payne 10 years ago:

    he looks 12

    13. Niall Horan now:

    looking very dapper

    Niall Horan 10 years ago:

    holding up a pair of boxers with braces

    14. Zayn Malik now:

    very tatted up

    Zayn Malik 10 years ago:

    very young

    15. Harry Styles now:

    fashion harry

    Harry Styles 10 years ago:

    not so fashion harry

    16. Demi Lovato now:

    demi looking chic

    Demi Lovato 10 years ago:

    demi  with selena

    17. Taylor Swift now:

    Taylor Swift 10 years ago:

    with katy perry...awk

    18. Beyoncé now:

    Beyoncé 10 years ago:

    pregnant at the VMAs

    19. Adele now:

    Adele 10 years ago:

    at the vma's

    20. Zac Efron now:

    looking like a cub

    Zac Efron 10 years ago:

    looking not so cub like

    21. Nick Jonas now:

    Nick Jonas 10 years ago:

    looking youthful

    22. Rihanna now:

    Rihanna 10 years ago:

    red haired rihanna, her best era

    23. Zendaya now:

    winning an emmy

    Zendaya 10 years ago:

    on a shrek red carpet

    24. Bella Thorne now:

    green pants, kinda punk rock in an ashlee simpson way

    Bella Thorne 10 years ago:

    planet hollywood red carpet, very avril

    25. Skai Jackson now:

    at dancing with the stars

    Skai Jackson 10 years ago:

    she's literally 8 years old

    26. Abigail Breslin now:

    chic chic chic

    Abigail Breslin 10 years ago:

    27. Jaden Smith now:

    Jaden Smith 10 years ago:

    28. Timothée Chalamet now:

    Timothée Chalamet 10 years ago:

    29. Willow Smith now:

    Willow Smith 10 years ago:

    30. Miley Cyrus now:

    Miley Cyrus 10 years ago:

    31. Lastly, Katy Perry now:

    with orlando bloom

    Katy Perry 10 years ago:

    with russell brand