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Let's Decide If These 40 Celebs Are Nice To Wait Staff Or Monster Human Beings With No Common Decency

Let's separate the celebs who are kind to wait staff from people who are more on the James Corden side of things.

Yesterday, James Corden was exposed as being rather mean and awful to wait staff.

James Corden standing with his hands crossed

Like, he was banned from a famous NYC restaurant.

people in a NYC diner

"James Corden is a Hugely gifted comedian, but a tiny Cretin of a man. And the most abusive customer to my Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago," said restaurateur Keith McNally.

closeup of James Corden

So, in "light" of all of this, let's decide who is nice to wait staff...and who is more on the James Corden side of things...