48 Celebs With Tattoos You Might Not Know About Because They're Either Hidden Or In Strange Places

    A couple of years ago, I discovered that Zac Efron had a teeny-tiny "YOLO" tattoo on his wrist, and my world hasn't been the same since.

    Noah Centineo just shaved his head to reveal a big ole bear tat:

    A bald Noah in a sweatshirt and a bear tattoo on the side of his head above his ear

    Here's a close-up:

    So I thought I'd revisit some of the most random celeb tats that you might not know exist...

    1. Tom Holland's spider foot tat:

    Tom with his foot raised showing the tat on the heel of his foot

    2. Zac Efron's "YOLO" hand tat:

    Zac pressing his hands together with the tat at the outside base of his little finger
    Close-up of the YOLO tat

    3. Jennifer Lawrence's "H20" hand tat to remind her to drink water:

    The tat on the front of her hand near her pointy finger

    4. Ryan Cabrera's Ryan Gosling tat:

    Cabrera on the red carpet showing the calf of his right leg with the tat
    A close-up of the tat

    5. Joe Jonas's Sophie Turner neck tat:

    6. Priyanka Chopra's "Daddy's lil girl..." tat:

    Priyanka's tat on the side of her wrist

    7. Jen Aniston's tribute to her dog Norman:

    The tat on the side of her right foot

    8. Selena Gomez's "sunshine" foot tat:

    The small tat on the front of her foot on the side

    9. Amanda Seyfried's "minge" tat:

    The tat on the side of her foot

    10. Ariana Grande's "baby doll" finger tat:

    11. Lena Dunham's "sick" neck tat:

    12. Serena Williams's small heart tat:

    The tat on the back of her neck

    13. Chris Evans's multitude of chest tattoos:

    Chris bare-chested and showing several chest tattoos with the caption "I wonder what it's like to be tan"

    14. Helen Mirren's hand tattoo:

    Helen holding an award and showing what looks like several X's or crosses on her left hand near her thumb
    A close-up

    15. Kelly Osbourne's "Solidarity" tat:

    The word on the side of her head above her ear, visible with her mohawk

    16. Brooklyn Beckham's "mama's boy" tat, a tribute to his mom, Victoria Beckham:

    17. Katy Perry's "Jesus" wrist tat:

    Katy with her arm raised and displaying her tat on the inside of her left wrist
    A close-up

    18. T-Pain's "Facebook like" tat:

    I get a tatt every time I come to Hawaii. I think this ones pretty sweet, unless facebook shuts down soon 0_o http://twitpic.com/3u2fe2

    Twitter: @TPAIN
    The actual tat: "You don't have to like me," with "like" in the form of a thumbs-up Facebook like

    19. Kendall Jenner's "meow" lip tat:

    Kendall showing the inside of her lower lip
    Close-up of the "meow" tat

    20. Lea Michele's coffee finger tat:

    21. Scarlett Johansson's rose-vine and lamb back tats:

    Scarlet in a strapless gown showing both tats on her back
    A close-up

    22. Miley Cyrus's "With a little help from my fwends" tat:

    Miley in a skimpy chain-link outfit showing several tats on her torso, including this one in a circle on the side of her left breast
    A close-up, showing a dog saying "With a little help from my fwends"

    23. Rihanna's "shhh" finger tat:

    The tat on her pointy finger

    24. Lindsay Lohan's "shhh..." finger tat:

    Lindsay with her hand touching her chin and showing the tat on her pointy finger

    25. JWoww's full Disney sleeve:

    JWoww, showing the tat covering her left arm, and sitting with Snooki
    A close-up of the tat

    26. Nicole Richie's "virgin" wrist tat:

    Nicole waving and showing her tat on the inside of her right wrist
    A close-up of the tat, which appears upside down

    27. Moby's vegan neck tat:

    "Vegan for life" in all caps on the side of his neck

    28. Kesha's eye and Saturn palm tattoos:

    Kesha with her hands raised and showing the eye tat on the palm of her right hand, and Saturn with its rings on the palm of her left hand

    29. Lana Del Rey's "trust no one" side hand tat:

    The tat in script on the side of her hand

    30. Mena Suvari's lion and "word, sound, power" back tat:

    "Word sound power" below a tat of a lion's face on her back

    31. Angelina Jolie's "know your rights" tat:

    "Know your rights" on her back near the nape of her neck

    32. T-Pain's literal "tattoo" neck tat:

    T-Pain with a microphone and showing his "Tattoo" tat

    33. Harry Styles's Bible tat:

    A tat of the "Holy Bible" along with other tats on his arm

    34. Aaron Carter's Rihanna face tat:

    Aaron with many tats on his arm and head, including the large Rihanna drawing covering the left side of his head near his ear

    35. Justin Bieber's Jesus tat:

    The tat of Jesus looking to the heavens covering much of the back of his left calf

    36. Zosia Mamet's heart hand tat:

    Zosia waving and showing the heart tat covering much of the palm of her right hand

    37. Hilary Duff's tiny heart tat:

    Hilary with the tiny heart on the outside of her left wrist

    38. Steve-O's knuckle tats:

    39. Steve-O's giant back tat:

    40. Johnny Knoxville's growling bear tat:

    Johnny baring his arm to show the "GRRR" tat inside the outline of a bear's body

    41. Cara Delevingne's "bacon" tat:

    42. Megan Fox's Marilyn Monroe tat:

    Marilyn's face on the inside of her arm below her elbow

    43. Ed Sheeran's giant chest lion:

    44. Rumer Willis's "sauce" tattoo:

    Rumer smiling and showing the tat on the side of her right hand

    45. Mike Tyson's Mao Zedong tat:

    Mike showing Mao's face and the name "Mao" on his right bicep

    46. Anne Hathaway's little "M" tat:

    Anne with her left arm raised and showing the M tat on her wrist

    47. Susan Sarandon's neck tat:

    The tat showing calligraphic letters descending from the nape of her neck

    48. And Jamie Foxx's head tat:

    Jamie's bald head showing the decorative horizontal tat on the back