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    This Is What 45 Celebs From Your Childhood Are Apparently Worth Today

    I wish I had some of that Tom from Myspace money.

    There's a website called Celebrity Net Worth that estimates famous people's net worth. It could be wildly wrong, but it's fun to look at anyway.

    Because I love looking up random people, here are 45 people from the early 2000s and their alleged net worths.

    1. Everyone's '90s crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

    Thomas holding a puppy

    2. "Smile" and "Graduation (Friends Forever)" chanteuse, Vitamin C.

    close up of the singer smiling

    3. Reality show "star," Joe Millionaire.

    close up of him crossing his arms and looking serious

    4. Willa "my career was ruined by 9/11" Ford.

    close up of Willa smiling

    5. The Glass House actor, Leelee Sobieski.

    6. American Idol, William Hung.

    William wearing a Bally Total Fitness shirt and mic while in a class

    7. "Gotta Tell You" singer and inventor of parkour, Samantha Mumba.

    close up of Samantha smiling

    8. The one and only Frankie Muniz.

    Frankie sitting in the drivers seat

    9. Tom from Myspace.

    Tom pointing at a myspace dot com sign

    10. 1/4 of the iconic "Lady Marmalade," Mýa.

    close up of Mya smiling

    11. Thong man, Sisqó.

    Sisqo in a leather outfit making a face at the camera

    12. Dane Cook.

    Dane on stage holding a mic

    13. An original queen of rap, Eve.

    close up of Eve

    14. The legendary Jewel.

    15. "The Bum Bum Song" singer, Tom Green.

    16. My favorite member of NSYNC, Chris Kirkpatrick.

    17. Not your average dumb blonde, Hoku.

    18. Some say he "invented" the internet, Al Gore.

    19. The mambo master, Lou Bega.

    Lou opening up his coat, wearing a fedora

    20. Jackass star, Wee Man.

    wee man on the red carpet throwing a rock n roll sign

    21. Weakest Link host, Anne Robinson.

    head shot for Annie

    22. Kelly Clarkson's runner-up, Justin Guarini.

    23. Ruben Studdard's runner-up, Clay Aiken.

    closeup of Clay smiling

    24. Nookie man, Fred Durst.

    Fred reaching his arms to the camera

    25. Walker of a thousand miles, Vanessa Carlton.

    close up of Vanessa

    26. Punk rocker, Michelle Branch.

    Michelle in a fedora

    27. "Holidae Inn" rapper, Chingy.

    close up of Chingy

    28. Donald Trump's former employee, Omarosa.

    Omarosa and Trump

    29. Three time "Teen Choice Hottie" nominee, Josh Hartnett.

    Josh's face framed by a wooden chair

    30. Bring It On star, Jesse Bradford.

    close up of Jesse

    31. Clueless star and ex Fox News pundit, Stacey Dash.

    Stacey in a mini dress

    32. Another early 2000s hot guy, Andrew Keegan.

    Andrew outside in the snow

    33. Sugar Ray lead singer, Mark McGrath.

    closeup of Mark making an X with his arms

    34. The guy from Desperate Housewives, Jesse Metcalfe.

    closeup of him at an event

    35. Hip hop icon, Sean Paul.

    Sean at an event

    36. Face tat connoisseur, Aaron Carter.

    closeup of Aaron

    37. Fyre Fest co-founder, Ja Rule.

    Ja Rule relaxing on a couch

    38. Blue Ivy's namesake, Blu Cantrell.

    closeup of Blu smiling

    39. "La La" singer, Ashlee Simpson.

    40. Ashlee Simpson's ex, Ryan Cabrera.

    Ashlee and Ryan at an event

    41. The kid with the sixth sense, Haley Joel Osment.

    Haley sitting with his feet up on the chair

    42. "I'm Like A Bird" singer, Nelly Furtado.

    closeup of Nelly smiling

    43. Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke.

    Brooke and Hulk Hogan

    44. Tennis star, Anna Kournikova.

    Anna with her then boyfriend, Enrique Iglesias

    45. And last but not least, Beans from Even Stevens.

    Beans making a face at an event