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29 Surreal And Terrifying Pictures Of What 15 Feet Of Snow Looks Like In California Right Now

I didn't even think it was possible to snow this much to begin with.

1. Some places in California have received over 15 FEET of snow in the past few weeks.

This Lake Tahoe snow is not a fucking joke this year 🤯

Twitter: @DorkRoam

2. The pictures coming out of the Sierra Nevadas, specifically Tahoe, are completely wild.

My cousin sent me this picture going up to Tahoe from Reno. In my entire life, I have never seen this in Reno. It’s just a big Wow. #snow #slammed #crazy

Twitter: @REALJenHarman

3. Like, look at the size of those snow banks.

Twitter: @rowantrollope

4. It's up to the POWER LINES in some areas.

The snow in Soda Springs is up to the level of the power lines. The lines literally run through the snow. Just incredible.

Twitter: @dennis_shanahan

5. Houses are quite literally wrapped in snow.

#CaliforniaSnow ❄️🤍❄️

Twitter: @EOtirolf

6. And it's like navigating a maze to get inside.

Check out the SNOW near Lake Tahoe! This was a picture sent to us by Hailee, who's dad lives here in the Ozarks. WOW.

Twitter: @faithfoods0

7. This is the view out of someone's SECOND FLOOR window.

We got a bit of snow here in Tahoe City the last two days. 👍 The view from the second floor kitchen window. Seems we picked up >4 ft. Wind makes it hard to be accurate. @TahoeWeather

Twitter: @stefanbolka

8. It's scary.

@gurlonabike @TahoeWeather Thank you. Due to the high risk of avalanches at my house, I’m now at a hotel :) House looked like this when I left:

Twitter: @EFTwithHeather

9. That's someone's roof!

Twitter: @nplareau

10. In some places, people are snowblowing their roofs.

Meanwhile, while we’re getting tornado warnings out in the Midwest, at home in CA (South Lake Tahoe) my parents are resorting to big measures by shoveling snow into the snowblower… which is sitting on our roof!! 🤯 #cawx

Twitter: @bedwellbacteria

11. And in others, people are literally skiing off of it.

#CaWx too much snow for the resorts. too much snow to hike. only thing accessible is the cabin roof. @kcraFinan @Weather_West @TahoeWeather

Twitter: @Jee_Oh_Fry

12. Snowblowers can't even blow the snow over the snow banks because it's so high.

Have to share this pic of a friends house in South Lake Tahoe from today. Look at the roof!!!! And the mound of snow to the right of the driveway is so big their snow blower isn't able to toss it any higher. This has been an epic winter, and its not over yet!

Twitter: @tahoeadams

13. People can't see out of their windows.

This is from our Nest camera in Tahoe. Look at the amount of snow on the deck. At least 8 ft and counting! Apparently the snow pack is at twice the normal levels which should fill up the lake nicely once the snow starts melting.

Twitter: @Maithedane

14. In fact, it broke this person's kitchen windows.

How it started. How it’s going. #Tahoe #LakeTahoe #Truckee #CaliforniaSnow #Blizzard #snowstorm

Twitter: @EFTwithHeather

15. Doors are blocked.

In case you are wondering why we are so slow to get info out this morning. Here is the entrance to the marketing office.

Twitter: @sugarbowlresort

16. Houses are disappearing.

Twitter: @MyshellParker

17. This was a cafe before the snow:

18. And here it is after:

19. This man lost his grill.

@CoachHeilig @TahoeWeather @TahoeDailyTrib I grilled Sunday night; but lost the grill by this am. Working on a plan to find it today.

Twitter: @TahoeGuyM

20. This video of a car driving in the snow is straight-up terrifying:

Leaving homewood this morning. WHEW! @TahoeWeather

Twitter: @macphail_haley

21. And in case you're wondering, this is the type of machinery they're working with.

Crews are currently finishing snow blowing operations for all bus routes. Once completed, street widening will begin in Gardner Mountain, Al Tahoe, Heavenly, and the Tahoe Keys neighborhoods. Operations will shift back to plowing based on new snow accumulation.

Twitter: @cityofslt

22. "It. Is. Deep."

It. Is. Deep. #snow #California #SierraNevada #Tahoe

Twitter: @snow_d0c

23. There's supposed to be a boat right there!

@TahoeWeather 7264’ on kingsbury Grade lake side. There is a boat in the circle. Cover is 11’ high. And as for the shed🤣🤣

Twitter: @RalphatTahoe

24. Basically, people have never seen snow like this before.

Pictures can indeed say a thousand words. This is our crew working on Highway 50 over Echo Summit tonight. Cliffs on the left, snow bank on the right. Wow! Words can't express the appreciation we have for our field staff. @CHPSouthLake @CountyElDorado @cityofslt

Twitter: @CaltransDist3

25. And it's straight-up historic.

Snow is up over the 10 foot bridge to our house. In 20 years, never seen that before. @TahoeWeather @Northstar_CA

Twitter: @SafiTahoe

26. Crews are working hard to get rid of it all.

Crews are working tirelessly around the clock to clear I-80 of snow & ice. Route remains closed between Applegate & the Stateline. Whiteout conditions in some areas. Over 30 inches of snow fell on Donner Pass the past 24 hrs. @CHP_Truckee @CHPGoldRun @nevadadot @CaltransHQ

Twitter: @CaltransDist3

27. And people are working hard to put the snow somewhere, anywhere!

Twitter: @ShwayJay

28. People are doing what they can to get by...

My walk home this evening @Northstar_CA @TahoeWeather

Twitter: @michellerdixon

29. ...and this goes without saying, but spring can't come soon enough!

This sums up March 2023! Spring is almost here...we can only hope.

Twitter: @cityofslt

Check out Tahoe Weather for more of these wild snow pics. They seem to be the go-to place for this wild winter weather.