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This Gym In California Set Up Bizarre But Practical "Social Distancing Pods" And Who Knows, It Could Be The Future

It's weird, but I guess it makes sense?

We're all getting used to daily life with social distancing.

From parks... elevators... coffee shops.

People are getting pretty creative and inventive with remaining six feet apart.

In many places around the US, including California, gyms are starting to open.

One gym in Redondo Beach, California has outdone everything I've seen.

South Bay Fitness has set up individual workout pods.

Yup, workout pods.

It's so, so LA.

Each pod contains a bench and some free weights.

The pods are made out of shower curtains and pipes.

So, is this the future? Who the hell knows. I'm not sure it even actually works, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of into it.