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Britney Spears Has Transformed Into Another Human Being In The Past 2 Years

This is not a dang drill: There is actually a fire and it's on the stage at the Axis theater in Planet Hollywood!!! SOS!! Send water!!

She's the queen of lying on Instagram fitness models with beefy hairy thighs...

...accomplished leaf painter...

...and charity worker to lesser-known, publicity-thirsty fans.

This is Britney Spears in 2016. THIS IS THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN!

WELL...there's more.

Britney has gone through some what of a transformation in the past two to three years and the proof is in her "best of Las Vegas," hit-packed, "you have to go before you FUCKING DIE" Vegas show.

The last two years have been something...

...and by something I mean something witchy and sorcerous, because Britney in 2014 vs. 2016 is 🔥.

The proof is these comparison vids —> Britney Spears is actually, not figuratively, doing really really cool + great in Vegas.


Britney Spears has improved so much from the Femme Fatale Tour. Look at that energy and confidence on the right.

(This video is actually from 2011.)


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Yeah, also, you can officially shut your blasphemous mouths about any broken knee shit.

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Bye-bye, Brenda Joan!

Can we please take a moment to appreciate how much Britney has improved 🙌

(Also from 2011)

And hello, Britney Jean!*

Me Against The Music: 2014 vs 2016

*Not the album.