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37 Things That Are Cheaper On Amazon Than In Stores

Why buy it in stores when you can get it literally shipped to your house AND it's cheaper?

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us what things they buy on Amazon because it's cheaper than in stores. Here's what they said.


6. Diapers

"When I compare prices of diapers on Amazon vs. retail stores, I often find Amazon has a better deal (I buy the huge packs) and there are occasional digital coupons that apply! Plus, Amazon Prime subscribers can use “Subscribe & Save” automatic deliveries that can save you even more! You can’t go wrong!"



8. Sex toys

"In my experience: sex toys, especially ones that are not super high quality (i.e., ones that you’re only going to use occasionally or a “throw away” $20 or less toy) can be found way cheaper on Amazon than in most sex shops in some states/areas."


10. Batteries

"Buy them with subscribe and save and save even more. AAA, AA, C, D and 9V. Also available in rechargeable versions. No one told me when I had kids that I would need to have a million batteries of all sizes on hand!"



15. Memory foam mattresses

"I just bought a king for a great price. They’re usually online only mattress companies, but they’re legit. You can Google it. I was actually shocked to see that these unknown mattress companies had much better reviews than Serta and Simmons."



27. Smoked sea salt, truffle oil, and orange blossom water, etc. Basically any specialty food product.

"Whenever I have a recipe calling for something unusual, I don’t even check my grocery store anymore. If they have it at all, there is NO WAY they’ll beat Amazon’s prices."



Lastly, here are three TRULY great tips from BF user pror.

1. Amazon basics make some great electronic accessories at great prices. Highly rated at affordable prices.

2. You can get some amazing deals using subscribe and save, especially when you can align it with a coupon. You can cancel your subscription after it ships if you only want it one time. Diapers, baby wipes, deodorant, feminine products, vitamins, paper products, cleaning products etc. The list is endless for subscribe and save. Try to get at least 5 things in a monthly order; the discount goes from 5% off to 15% off when you hit five.

3. When I’m at a store I use the Amazon app to scan barcodes to check prices. If it’s cheaper at Amazon, in my cart it goes!!