Britney Spears Just Bought A New House, And The Pictures Show It's The Most Britney Spears House Ever

    I love it.

    Britney Spears is moving!

    The newly married painter, impressionist, queen of pop, and free woman is leaving her Thousand Oaks house for an $11.8 million mansion in Calabasas.

    Over the years, Britney's home has become "sacred" to the homosexual community. A "gay temple," if you will.

    This room is more sacred than most. A gay temple. Hallowed ground.

    @britneyspears/Twitter: @benyahr

    The Olive Garden/Cheesecake Factory inspo have made it extremely legendary.

    There's her burnt down gym adorned with string lights and tiny furniture.

    A photo from inside Britney's gym in her previous home, which is a regular room with tile floors that holds workout equipment and has string lights running along the walls

    Which we love so much!

    A close up from the previous image that focuses on a tiny bed pushed against the wall of the gym; like, it looks like a bed for a doll

    The living room which also doubles as a dance studio.

    A giant carpeted living room with incredibly high ceilings that is holding a very large and lit up Christmas tree

    And how could I forget her art room? I'd honestly rather go here more than anywhere else in the world, and I'm not joking.

    Britney sitting at a desk and painting leaves on a canvas

    Buuuut we're onto a new chapter!

    Her new house is an elevated and upgraded version of her last house — in essence, it's INCREDIBLY Britney.

    A view from outside Britney's new home, which is enormous and has fountains on either size of the walkway up to the front door

    It's also huge.

    An aerial shot of the property, which more clearly shows how giant it is; it also reveals that it has a large pool in the backyard

    And that view? Stun!

    Behind the house is a beautiful view of rolling hills

    The chateau-esque enclave is adorned by two big fountains.

    A close-up view of the entryway with the two fountains on either side

    And they light up at night. Very chic!

    The same entryway at night, with the fountains lit by lights beneath the water

    The house apparently has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, so there are plenty of places to pee.

    One of the bedrooms, which has a bed covered with numerous pillows and a couch covered with more pillows

    Going with her fav Tuscan theme, there are marble floors throughout.

    The dining room has an ornate chandelier and shiny marble floors

    The hallways are very "French ornate" or something. I just know Britney loves them, so I do too.

    The hallways also have shiny marble floors, as well as extremely high ceilings

    This room is perfect for her fashion shows.

    A living room or den that features lots of open space around a central circular couch

    And I could totally see Britney turning this piano room into an Instagram dance studio or painting room.

    A room with ornate cloth drapes on the windows and a large piano in one corner, a bar in the opposite corner, and tables and chairs for seating lots of people

    There's also a whole-ass movie theater.

    A personal movie theater that has a large TV with several reclining chairs set up in raised tiers

    The kitchen has 72 chandeliers, which, knowing Britney, was definitely a huge draw!

    The 72 chandeliers is an exaggeration, but this photo of the large kitchen shows it has at least six

    Seriously, there are so many chandeliers.

    A different angle of the kitchen shows seven more chandeliers, multiple of which are hanging over the kitchen table

    There's this extremely elaborate kitchen stove that is probably worth more than my life.

    A stove so large, it has 12 knobs for different burners, and it is adorned with an ornate overhang and backsplash

    Check out that island.

    The kitchen island is directly across from the stove and is topped with thick marble

    And I really hope the house comes with those roosters, because we know B loves 'em.

    A close-up view of the kitchen shows a random rooster in the corner of the room used for decoration

    This appears to be some sort of ginormous closet, which is perfect for her clothing hauls.

    The closet is so large, it almost seems like another bedroom; it has places for seating as well as an island

    The bedroom also has more chandeliers, which again, she loves.

    The same bedroom with lots of pillows from before but from a different angle, where you can see a large chandelier hanging over the couch

    There's even an executive business suite.

    A wooden desk with a large leather chair behind and two smaller chairs in front of it

    Outside, there's a couple of nice patios, like this one:

    A curved patio holds a circular table with chairs situated around it, as well as a grill and a rolling cart with a plant on it

    I know she was gagging for this specific chandelier:

    A different patio with more seating and a giant three-tiered chandelier that holds countless candles

    There's also this really nice pool.

    An oddly shaped pool that has a slide built into one side and a hot tub on the opposite side

    Look at that detail!

    A different angle of the pool, which shows it also has a fountain above it that creates a waterfall that runs into the pool

    She also has a very large garage, which can fit plenty of cars and serve as storage for her extensive tiny furniture collection.

    The garage has three different large doors and looks like it could fit at least seven cars, with a driveway outside it that could easily fit even more cars

    So yeah, in all honesty, I'm so happy for Britney leaving that house behind! Onto new memories, stories, and PLENTY of tiny furniture!