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    Britney Spears Posted A Picture Of Her Teenage Children And Now I Feel Like Old Rose In "Titanic"

    Why does this make me feel oddly emotional?

    When she's not busy reviewing virgin margaritas from her local Applebee's...

    (That one was too sweet.)

    ...or sharing with us her two-ingredient watermelon recipes...


    ...Britney is busy being an amazing mom.

    Yesterday, Britney posted a picture of her children and I instantly went into "Old Rose mode."

    Paramount Pictures

    This was that picture:

    Her children are literal teens.

    Well, one is 13 (14 in a month!) and the other is 12.

    The caption made me feel even older.

    I don't know about you, but I still think of Britney having babies.

    Elle Magazine

    You know, it really does feel like just yesterday. 💛

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    The end.