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Britney Spears' New Music Video Is Proof She's A Slave To Satan And In The Illuminati

I love a good controversy.

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If you didn't know by now, Britney Spears released her best music video in 10 years a couple weeks ago. Her new song, "Slumber Party," is excellent. It's like if "Hotline Bling" was actually good. The music video is great.

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But here's the thing: This video is proof that Britney is a member of the illuminati, slash controlled by Satan.

This video, uploaded last week, explains it all. It basically claims the "Slumber Party" video is Britney's cry for help.

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In the illuminati exposé, a lady with a creepy-ass voice explains that the "Slumber Party" video begins with Britney heading to an "elite party," which is apparently a thing the illuminati do. There's a full moon and she's literally being driven by a ghost. It's dark-sided.

Brit walks into the party and there are people grinding on each other, which is a symbol of satanic sex rituals, obv.

The video claims that Britney has always been controlled by "MKUltra mind control," which is a secret program started by the CIA.

Britney's public struggles and meltdown were her rebelling against the mind control.

US Weekly

Her love interest in the video is a symbol for Satan. The music industry is run by Satan, and Britney has long been under his control.

She is following Satan throughout the video. In this scene, Britney licks the milk in front of Satan because she is always seeking his approval. She also could be thirsty.

Tinashe is in the video because she's Britney's illuminati inductee.

So basically, to sum it up, Britney Spears was raised by the illumanati and does everything to appease Satan. She's trapped and needs our thoughts and prayers. She also needs you to buy "Glory" on iTunes.

When will your faves?