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Britney Spears Ended Megyn Kelly Before Megyn Kelly Ended Herself

As always, Britney Spears was ahead of her time.

The year was 2009. Obama was president, your aunt wasn't on Facebook posting links about Michelle Obama being the Antichrist, stuff was probably like a few cents cheaper, people used straws with no shame, and Britney Spears released her third single from her comeback album, Circus.

That song was the lyrically legendary and absolutely brilliant "If U Seek Amy."

In 2009, Megyn Kelly was at Fox News. She was still awful and annoying.

On a (probably) cold day in January 2009, Megyn went too far. She fucked with Britney Spears.

On some stupid segment, Megyn decided to create some fake outrage about "If U Seek Amy."

She spelled out the lyrics of the song...

...and went all Cris Angel mind-freak when she realized she had "cracked some code" and understood the *true* meaning behind the lyrics of the song.

"Doesn't make any sense, does it?"

So, then, Megyn had an entire segment about how the song was fucking with "the children." She said: "That song is on the air right now. It is on the radio. It will be playing when your kids are going to school."

She went on: "Selling sex in a bikini is one thing, getting on public airways and essentially spelling out the f-word over and over, when little girls who idolize Britney Spears, for whatever reason are listening, is quite another."

Megyn finished the segment with this final thought: "This song is no less profane because Britney put her message in some lame code. It is profane. It's offensive. And radio stations should play it, if at all, only at hours when children aren't listening. That's the law!"

So, that was a thing.

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Fast forward a few months later, Britney released a video for the song.

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The video started with an outraged news anchor who looked oddly similar to... yes, it was Megyn.

The American flags were a nice touch. That shit grin was a nice touch.

After Megyn's "cameo," the music video starts and it's basically this crazy sex orgy/swingers party in a suburban house, then Britney turns into a 1950s housewife with a bob. Gorgeous visuals. Stunning imagery. She could even be Banksy.

But that's not all.

So, the video ends, and the news anchor from the beginning shows up on screen, "Doesn't make any sense, does it?" Boom.

You got...got.


Cliff notes: Megyn said some dumb shit and created a fake outrage and then Britney made fun of her in a music video. Legend status.

Final thought: No offense, but Megyn Kelly named her kid "Yardley." We need a Fox news segment about that.