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    I was sick of seeing pictures of hot girls at music festivals, so I took pictures of hot guys instead. The guys at Bonnaroo were particularly good looking and always shirtless. Sorry this is so creepy, It's a celebration of beauty.

    1. Looking into the distance hot guy.

    2. At first he's like ": 0" hot guy.

    But then he's like this : )

    3. Two hot guys in speedos.

    4. Nevermind, it's 4 hot guys in speedos!!

    5. Hippie-ish hot guy.

    6. Pink handkerchief hot guy.

    7. Hot guy photobombed by some dude with a braid.

    8. Hot guy who knows I'm taking a picture of him.

    9. Hot guy holding a gatorade.

    10. Chill hot guys.

    11. Some hot bandana guy's torso.

    12. Hot guy w/ beer.

    13. What's that...?

    Oh, it's just another hot guy with a perfect body!

    With bonus hot friend!

    14. Hot guys playing together in a fountain.

    15. I call this one, "Hot Guy Leaning Back With Bulls Hat"

    16. Solo hot guy.

    17. More hot guy water play.

    18. Hot guy w/ camel pack.

    19. Another hot guy w/ camel pack.

    20. Hot bro guy.

    21. Another hot guy.

    22. Hot coffee stand worker.

    23. Another one who caught me taking his picture hot guy.

    24. These girls ruined my picture hot guy.

    25. Just out of the fountain and looking surprisingly suave hot guy.

    26. Hot painter guy.

    It's beautiful, like you.

    27. And last but certainly not least, Jack Antonoff of Fun.

    I couldn't get him to take off his shirt : (

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