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    A 2011 Episode Of "Black Mirror" Has Accurately Predicted What Life Is Like In 2020 And It's Creeping Me Out

    2020 is so weird.

    2020 is truly bizarre, like imagine waking up from a coma or something with no context of what has happened in the world and seeing this?

    Like, what?

    It's like we're living in one big episode of Black Mirror.

    I don’t like this season of Black Mirror #2020

    And 2020 is basically Season 6 of it.

    Esta promo de Black Mirror es simplemente brutal.

    One thing in particular that is freaking people out comes from Season 1, Episode 2: "Fifteen Million Merits."

    The episode takes place in a dystopian world where people are surrounded by screens all day. Members of society have to cycle to earn "merits." These merits are used to pay for everything. It's a monotonous, miserable life.

    The character Bing eventually meets Abi in the bathroom, and after hearing her sing, he convinces her to go on a talent show called One Shot.

    Abi nails the audition, but the judges have a different idea of what her talent should be.

    The one thing that is particularly jarring about this episode was the use of a virtual crowd.

    The crowd is made up of bit-mojis that are controlled by actual people.

    Look familiar?

    A crowd of bitmojis

    It should.

    NBA digital audience is more like watching an episode of Black Mirror

    This is basically what's happening nowadays on award shows, talent competitions, and sporting events.

    Black Mirror accurately predicted it.

    This is our new reality.

    15 Million Merits 2011 🤝 America's Got Talent 2020 Black Mirror doesn't miss. #AGT

    Here's what a recent America's Got Talent episode looked like:

    A screen full of people on Zoom

    Here's the Black Mirror episode:

    Bit Mojis in the back


    So many zoom screens

    Here's an NBA game:

    A virtual audience watches

    Here's Black Mirror:

    A closeup of the bitmojis cheering

    Here's the VMAs:

    Many people on Zoom "watching" the show

    Here's Black Mirror:

    A room full of bitmojis

    So, yeah, what a time to be alive!

    A very crowded and cluttered zoom screen