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    20 Scottish Slang Words You Need To Start Using Immediately

    Incorporate these into your vocabulary immediately.

    1. Jobby: A pile of shit.

    2. Tadger: Penis.

    3. Bawbag: Scrotum.

    4. Boaby: Penis.

    5. Numpty: An idiot.

    6. Chebs: Tits.

    7. Clarted: Drunk.

    8. Dunderhead: A fool.

    9. Eejit: An idiot.

    10. Tatties: Potatoes.

    11. Gobshite: A stupid person who runs their mouth.

    12. Oot yer nut: Really drunk.

    13. Fud: Vagina.

    14. Weans: Children.

    15. Dobber: Dickhead.

    16. Crabit: Grumpy.

    17. Minging: Disgusting.

    18. Geein me the boak: Something that makes you feel sick.

    19. Skelped: Slapped.

    20. Boggin: Disgusting.

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