People Are Bugging Out That Ben Affleck Can Speak Fluent Spanish: "He's A Totally Different Person"

    This Ben has a totally different vibe.

    Every time Ben Affleck releases a movie, he does press, and one of those press hits is always with a Spanish-speaking outlet.

    That's when a new group of people learn that Ben does, in fact, speak fluent Spanish.

    Ben Affleck speaks Spanish like if he were raised in Tijuana

    Twitter: @martypreciado

    Apparently, he learned Spanish when he was 13 and living in Mexico for a year.

    And while we're used to him exuding a very *dying inside* vibe...

    ...that's not really the case when he's speaking Spanish!

    This clip of Ben speaking Spanish is going viral, and people have a lot of (good) things to say about it!

    The clip has the usual "what the?" and "I had no idea" comments.

    "He speaks Spanish???" this person said.

    Other people are impressed.

    This Spanish teacher even gave him props.

    Compliments all around!

    But the comments I keep going back to are how *Spanish Speaking Ben* is almost a completely different person.

    "Spanish Ben is happy Ben."

    He's got a glow to him!

    Anyway, he should do a movie in Spanish or drop an album* or something.