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Ben Affleck Wore A Tiny Lil' Mask And The Scary Thing Is I Could See This Catching On

A new trend?

Ben Affleck has had a very productive and eventful 2020!

Ben walking a dog while holding a poop bag

When he wasn't smoking cigs...

Ben smoking a cig through his mask

...postmating Dunkin Donuts iced coffees...

Ben getting four iced coffees from a delivery person

...or jaywalking...

Ben jaywalking

...the "Jenny from the Block" music video actor was walking with Ana de Armas.

Ben sniffing Ana de Armas's head

They REALLY wanted us to know they were dating.

Ben tangled in Ana de Armas

Real bad.

Ben kissing Ana de Armas's head

Like he literally put a cardboard cutout of her in his front yard.

Ana posing in cardboard form

Anyway, I have a *very* exciting Ben Affleck 2020 update.

Britney Spears saying "really interesting and very cool"

Ben was spotted rocking a tiny mask.

Ben in a tiny mask

Yes, a tiny mask.

It's somewhat chic, no?

ben in the tiny mask

Either way, it covered mouth AND nose, so that's all that really matters.

Ben in a tiny mask again

I'm sure we'll be seeing one of the D'Amelio sisters wearing one soon :D

Here's to 2021!

Ben smoking a cig through his mask