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Show Us A Picture Of Your Hilariously Tragic Teenage Gay Self

This is going to be fun.

Are you gay or something like that? Were you once a teen? Cool! Great! You're exactly the person I want to digitally talk to!

So most people, like myself, go through an awkward teenage phase.

Yes, you are not alone! We were all once awkward teens!

Maybe you were like me and forced your friends to celebrate Britney Spears' birthday with a brownie cake and sing-a-long?

Or maybe you were so gay that you made your parents use your picture with Britney Spears as your family's Christmas card.

Or maybe MTV came to your house and filmed your puffy-ass teen self talking about Britney's virginity for a Fanatic-esque show.

I think you get the point.

So, let's share our tragic gay teenage pictures! Upload a picture of your gay teenage self in the drop box below for your chance to be featured in BuzzFeed Community post.

And as always, shoutout to Born This Way Blog who has been collecting pictures like these for years!