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If You Were Born Before 1995, These 42 Pictures Are Totally Going To Fuck Up The Way You See The World

I am an old man. I also am 29.

1. Let's start off with a fun one, good ol' Beans from Even Stevens. This is how you remember that lovable, annoying little fuck:

2. And this is what he looks like today:

3. Speaking of sometimes annoying but truly lovable little fucks, here's what you remember Furby looking like:

4. And here's Furby's fab modern makeover:

5. These View-Masters were, as you say, "the shit" as a kid.

6. Now they're basically a computer.

7. Here's Miss Polly Pocket as you remember her:

8. And here's how kids today will remember her:

9. This is how you remember the kid from Spy Kids:

10. And here's what he looks like today — he's "having great sex" with Meghan Trainor. 🙂

11. This is how you prolly remember the Chuck E. Cheese logo:

12. Apparently he's a skinny legend now — this is what he looks like today:

13. The Ninja Turtles as you probably remember them:

14. And here's how they look today after their 2k17 makeover:

15. Remember these Fisher-Price skates?

16. Here's how they look in the future, aka today:

17. You probably remember the MTV Challenge aka the former Real World/Road Rules Challenge from the second or third season...

18. ...well, this year they'll air its 30th season with this group of literal strangers:

19. Speaking of literal strangers, this is the cover of a current J-14.

20. Repeat after me: WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

21. Now, here's a Now you probably remember:

22. If tracklists could have goals then this would be goals but they can't because they are just CD covers and CD covers can't have goals.

23. Well, *upside-down smile face,* this is what we're up to now:

24. This is probably how you remember Jon & Kate plus their family carnival.

25. Those kids are 13 now.

26. This is how you remember baby Emma from Friends:

27. And surprise! Children age! This is what the real "baby Emma(s)" looks like today:

28. And Jesse and Becky's cute little bowl-cut twins from Full House...

29. ...they ditched the bowl cuts for caps and brooding smiles:

30. Here's how you remember Harvey from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

31. This is him, here he is today:

32. Also, here's what has happened to Nickelodeon Studios:

33. This is what you probably think of when you think of Kristin Cavallari:

34. She has three kids now.

35. Same with Hanson. This is probably your mental image of them:

36. Today, they have TEN children combined. That's practically a damn zoo!

37. This is most likely what pops into your head when you think of Luke Perry:

38. This is him now. He's on the cover of AARP retirement magazine. 🙃

39. You remember this iconic album cover, right?

40. Well this is how the woman on the cover looked a few years ago...

41. ...and here's how she looks now.

42. Lastly, do what you want to with this info, but Leonardo DiCaprio is literally turning into Jack Nicholson.