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This Guy Has Gone Viral For Showing Off His "Basic White Sister's" House, Because I Think We All Know Someone With A House Like This

"Hello sweet cheeks."

If there's something you should know about me, it's that I'm kind of obsessed with "Live, laugh, love" culture.

"Live Laugh Love" spelled out with block letters

For those who don't know, "Live, laugh, love" culture is basically a super-popular home decorating trend involving covering your home with positive affirmations printed on slabs of wood or tin metal sheets.

"Live Laugh Love" illuminated next to a plant on a shelf

HomeGoods is the mecca for this kind of stuff.

The checkout counter at a HomeGoods store

Now that you know about "Live, laugh, love," let me tell you about John Michael Baker. He's gone super viral on TikTok lately for his "basic white sister's home" series.

In the videos, he goes around his basic white sister's house with some sort of wreath on his head and shows off all of her basic shit.

Man wearing a wreath and standing next to a "Live more worry less" sign on a wall below a framed montage of small photos

She's got a lot — like, she basically lives in her own personal HomeGoods.

Wreathed man touching a wall next to a framed "Forever grateful" wall hanging

There's the classic "Hello sweet cheeks."

Smiling wreathed man showing off a framed "Hello sweet cheeks"  sign hanging on a wall

The super-relatable "In our home let love abide and bless those who step inside."

Wreathed man standing in front of a large framed wall hanging with the saying "In our home let love abide and bless those who step inside"

And, of course, the iconic "Just livin' our best life."

Smiling wreathed man with his hands above his head below a "Just livin' our best life" sign on the wall

But it's not even so much about the sheer quantity of signs she has as it is about the way he says it.

Like, I could watch him read an entire Michaels store's worth of these signs:

So far, it's a five-part series:

And I'm just wondering how many of these damn things she has:

He just released a fall-themed one, because of course she has a ton of fall shit:


Welcome to my basic white sister’s home: Part 5! FALL EDITION! 🍁🎃🍂 #basic #whitegirl #fall #pumpkinspice #farmhousedecor #funny #lol #viral

♬ original sound - John Michael Baker

And in the fall-themed one, we finally got to meet his "basic white sister."

A woman wearing a large-brimmed hat and sitting on a porch with a "Welcome autumn" pillow in her lap, and a seated man smiling at her and holding a "Blessed" pumpkin pillow in his lap

And there she is, our basic queen!

Close-up of woman sitting on the porch and holding the "Blessed" pillow