Avril Lavigne Cussed Out A Topless Lady At A Canadian Award Show For Interrupting Her

    That's one way to handle it.

    Avril Lavigne has had a busy 2023 so far, and the past 30 days have been particularly chaotic.

    Last month, she called off her engagement with Mod Sun.

    Last week, she debuted her relationship with Tyga.

    And a couple days ago, she was upstaged by a bed at a fashion show.

    Yes, a bed.

    Now she's kicking topless streakers off of stages.

    Last night was Canada's biggest night in music, the Junos.

    Avril Lavigne, being Canada's greatest treasure since maple syrup and bagged milk, was of course in attendance.

    A topless streaker interrupted her introducing a performer.

    Avril kicks a streaker off the stage. “Get the fuck off bitch” #junoawards

    Twitter: @Radio_Brent

    And the clip, of course, has gone viral:

    Avril casually telling the topless streaker to gtfo #JUNOS 😆

    Twitter: @Arianna483

    "Get the fuck off, bitch!"

    Topless woman crashes JUNOs stage while @AvrilLavigne introduces a performer. “Get the fuck off, bitch.”

    CBC/ Twitter: @JRK_Media

    The audacity of this one!

    People are obviously loving it.

    Avril casually telling the topless streaker to gtfo #JUNOS 😆

    CBC/ Twitter: @Arianna483

    From calling her the GOAT...

    Avril just cursed out a streaker/protestor on live tv at the JUNOs #junos amazing. @AvrilLavigne is a goat for a reason “get the fuck off bitch”

    Twitter: @nyekimchuk14

    ...to giving her mad respect.

    Mad respect to Avril for keeping her composure at the #junos with a streaker onstage ... just casually "get the fuck off bitch" then carried on like nothing was happening 🙈

    Twitter: @JennOleksyn

    She handled it surprisingly well.

    not a streaker ruining avril lavigne's speech 😭 #junoawards #JUNOS #junoawards2023

    Twitter: @mariasouthgate

    Now excuse me while I stream underrated 2007 classic "Hot."

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