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28 Spelling Mistakes That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

These will never not be funny.

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1. Let's start with this lil' error.

2. Now let's move on to this thing that sounds like an Amish meat factory.

3. There's quite a difference between those two piercings.

4. Now I'm no English teacher, but I believe that's "over-exaggerate."

5. I think that's "parentheses."

6. And that's a shit-ton of words for "especially."

7. OK honestly, she sounds like a nice lady.

8. That's quite "phenomenal" TBH.

9. Spellchecker never stood a chance with this one.

10. Serena, stay in school, sweetie. Please.

11. I literally don't understand how this even happened?

12. Good luck!

13. "Good writtens" to you as well.

14. I'm just worried about you.

15. That sounds like a superhero (which technically, when I'm sick, it acts as one).

16. That just sounds very painful.

17. LOL ok.

18. He sounds like a nice man.

19. Same here.

20. This one is just a classic.

21. This one makes me feel weird.

22. I like to pay Amish as well.

23. I'm not so sure you mean it like that...

24. I think you've been listening to too much Lemonade.

25. OK.

26. As they say in the movies, "close but no cigar!"

27. Too many carbs.

28. And lastly, this isn't even really a spelling mistake, but it's just really iconic.

Have a good day!

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