It's Fascinating Which Artists Have Sold Their Music Catalogs And How Much Money They've Gotten For Them

    Everyone's doing it these days.

    Today, we found out that Katy Perry sold her entire music catalog for $225 million.

    A closeup of Katy Perry reacting to a tennis match from the stands

    Variety reported, "The deal includes Perry’s stakes in master recordings and publishing rights for the five albums she released between 2008 and 2020: One of the Boys, Teenage Dream, Prism, Witness, and Smile. Universal Music Group continues to own the masters to those albums."

    Katy Perry dressed up as Mrs. Incredible

    Why are people buying music catalogs? Well, according to the New York Times, "New investors, including private equity firms, have poured billions of dollars into the market, viewing music royalties as a kind of safe commodity — an investment, somewhat like real estate, with predictable rates of return and relatively low risk."

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    Because this is becoming a pretty popular trend, let's look at what other artists have sold their catalogs and how much money they've gotten for 'em:

    1. Dr. Dre sold his music catalog in early 2023 for less than the $250 million he pitched, but still apparently well over $200 million.

    2. ZZ Top sold their catalog in 2020 for $50 million.

    3. Imagine Dragons sold their music catalog in 2020 for well over $100 million.

    The lead singer of Imagine Dragons performing onstage

    4. Justin Bieber sold his music catalog in early 2023 for over $200 million.

    Justin Bieber playing basketball

    5. Iggy Azalea sold her catalog in late 2022 in an "eight-figure deal."

    6. Phil Collins and Genesis sold their catalog for $300 million in 2022.

    Phil Collins sitting on a chair as he sings onstage

    7. David Bowie's music catalogue was sold for $250 million in 2022.

    8. In 2021, David Guetta sold his music catalog for $100 million.

    9. Sting sold his songwriting catalog in 2022 for a reported $300 million.

    Sting onstage playing the guitar

    10. Justin Timberlake sold his music catalog for a reported $100 million.

    11. Jason Aldean sold 90% of his music catalog in 2022 for $100 million.

    12. Bob Dylan sold his entire songwriting catalog in 2020 for over $300 million.

    13. The Red Hot Chili Peppers sold their song catalog for $140 million in 2021.

    14. Stevie Nicks sold a majority stake in her publishing catalog for $100 million in 2020.

    15. Mötley Crüe sold their music catalog for $150 million in 2021.

    16. Brad Paisley sold his music catalog for $25 million in 2022.

    17. Future sold his music catalog from 2004–2020 for a reported "high eight figures."

    18. A majority stake in Joey Ramone's publishing rights were acquired for $10 million in 2022.

    19. And lastly, Bruce Springsteen sold his music catalog in 2021 for $550 million.