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24 Apocalyptic Photos Of New York City In The Dark

It's like The Walking Dead out there.

1. At around 8PM on Monday most of lower Manhattan's power was turned off.

2. Here's a before and after picture showing the stark contrast.

3. On the left is Brooklyn. Most people just across the river have power.


4. One of the only places to get food downtown are at halal and food carts. They're also one of the only sources of light.

5. Car headlights are the only other source of light. The following 5 photos have been taken by Randy Scott Lavin.





10. This is the view from Brooklyn.

11. Washington Square Park

12. The Flatiron Building looking downtown.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

13. Sixth Avenue in Chelsea.

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

14. Katie Lynch stands on the street with her dog Merlin in the West Village.

Tina Fineberg / AP

15. People charging their cell phones at a generator supplied by a local theatre troupe in the East Village.

Carlo Allegri / Reuters







20. The Empire State Building.

21. Looking uptown towards Times Square.

22. In between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

23. Looking uptown.

24. What uptown looks like from downtown.

Power is expected to return either tomorrow or Saturday.

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