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    Antoni From "Queer Eye" Got Engaged, And His Announcement Is Actually Pretty Funny And Cute

    "I really hope the wedding photos are less blurry."

    Antoni Porowski and Kevin Harrington are a very attractive couple.

    They have their perfect bodies.

    They go on their beautiful trips.

    They have their lovely dog.

    They wear their cute little jackets.

    They seem really happy, OK!!!

    I'm not bitter or anything!!

    And now they've actually gotten engaged.

    Antoni shared the news with a blurry Instagram pic:

    And tbh, the caption was pretty cute:

    Antoni said "I really hope the wedding photos are less blurry (prayer hands)"

    Like clockwork, all of the Queer Eye guys chimed in.

    The Queer Eye cast

    Tan France volunteered as photographer:

    Tan France said "I volunteer as wedding selfie-photographer"

    Karamo Brown said it was amazing:

    Karamo said "Yesss!!! So excited for you two! This is amazing"

    Bobby Berk was so damn happy:

    Bobby said "So damn happy for you two! You both got a good one!"

    And Jonathan Van Ness was already sourcing their flower girl looks:

    JVN said "So cute, love so much Already sourcing my flower girl looks!!"

    Congrats to the happy couple!