Angus Cloud From "Euphoria" Continues Masterfully Trolling Interviewers, And Dang It, He's Really Good At It

    Brilliant. And I mean it.

    It seems like every other post on this website is about Euphoria.

    As it should be! Because the cast really is the moment.

    Really...THE moment!

    From my girl Sydney Sweeney.

    To my other fav, Alexa Demie.

    I could literally watch any of them in, well, anything.

    But this post is about our beloved Fez, Angus Cloud.

    The real-life Angus is good at Twitter.

    Twitter: @anguscloud

    He's also really funny, like how he won't confirm his actual birthday because he doesn't want to be judged by his astro sign.

    He's also really good in interviews.

    But now he's starting to go viral for his answer in an InStyle interview.


    The question was:

    And his answer definitely wasn't what I was expecting...

    Everyone is comparing this to Demi Lovato's iconic "what is your favorite dish" question.

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    "I like mugs."

    Oh, and I just found this tweet. He loves fucking around in interviews.

    Twitter: @anguscloud

    I love it.