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Andrea From "The Walking Dead" Summed Up In 31 Pictures

The character you love to hate. Or maybe you just love. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I guess. Spoilers!!!

1. In Season 1, she was the worst. You couldn't have cared less if she stayed in the lab or not.

2. All you cared about was Dale.

3. Then she wouldn't listen.

4. And BOOM!

5. Thanks for killing Dale, Andrea!

6. It was at that moment we realized:

7. And she was officially:

8. Look behind you.

9. Then she ditched Michonne after spending eight months with her.

10. And started hooking up with the Governor.

11. She became nearly unbearable.

12. Like, the worst.

13. She just wanted to take action!

14. Right.

15. Then she went back to Rick and everyone didn't care.

16. She tried to interfere in Rick and the Governor's conversation. That, of course, didn't work.

17. Then she had a moment of clarity.


19. But she didn't do anything about it.

20. She tried to go back. That didn't work.

21. So she's in the death chair and pliers are on the ground AND SHE KEEPS PAUSING.

22. For some reason her toes are perfectly pedicured.

23. Then Milton goes after her.

24. And she's all regretful again.

25. Gold star for you!

26. She dies and says the same thing she says when her sister passed away.

27. The end shot of the grave was kind of sad, especially if you remember the “We bury the ones we love" thing Rick says.

28. *Tear*

29. And then we all prayed.


31. If only you had been more like the comic book.