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    May 19, 2020

    An Infamous Britney Spears Perfume Commercial Is Going Viral On TikTok Because It Just, Like, Doesn't Make Any Sense

    Lol "no thanks."

    Britney Spears is a full-fledged commercial legend.


    There are the Pepsi commercials that made soda, horny Bob Dole, and "Baba-baba-baba-bababas" relevant again.

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    The Candie's Only at Kohl's commercials that popularized the "cool and faded" trend.

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    The Suki commercial that changed the Japanese candy industry forever.

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    And, of course, the 77 commercials for her 182 fragrances.

    Elizabth Arden

    But there's one commercial in particular that has lived on in infamy for Britney fans because it just really doesn't make any sense.

    Elizabeth Arden

    Here's the commercial:

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    It starts out totally fine: Britney sneaks out of some sort of premiere.

    Elizabeth Arden

    She goes to a fortune teller.

    Elizabeth Arden

    She walks through some beads because she wants her fortune told.

    Elizabeth Arden

    She faces the fortune teller.

    Elizabeth Arden

    Because she's literally at a fortune-telling store, the fortune teller asks her if she wants her fortune told.

    Elizabeth Arden

    Britney looks into the crystal ball.

    Elizabeth Arden

    But then she gets up and says, "No thanks."

    Elizabeth Arden

    Britney walks out of the fortune teller's store even though she went into it to presumably have her fortune told.

    "I choose my own destiny*," she says.

    Elizabeth Arden

    *Mind you, the perfume is also called "Radiance."

    Michel Eidd pointed out the inconsistencies in his viral TikTok.


    bruh why’d she walk in, sit down and gaze into the ball #britneyspears #britney

    ♬ original sound - micheleidd

    Michel says that this is like going to a restaurant and sitting down...

    ...and then getting up when the waiter takes your order and saying, "No thanks, I cook my own food."

    It's like going to the barber, sitting down for a cut, and then getting up and out of there and saying, "No thanks, I cut my own hair."

    It just doesn't make sense!!

    Elizabeth Arden

    Either way, it doesn't matter because Britney is a living legend and continues to remain relevant in 2020 even though she just posts on Instagram all day.

    Elizabeth Arden

    In conclusion, stream Glory.

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