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An Absurd "Dance Moms" Clip Is Going Viral Of Abby Lee Miller Getting Yelled At For Using Her Phone, Scooting Away, And Calling The Cops

This is truly art.

Abby Lee Miller is a reality TV legend best known for her excellent work on Dance Moms.

She's a master of petty drama.

A clip from Dance Moms is going viral where Abby gets scolded by a woman with chunky highlights for using her cellphone.

It's absurd and you need to watch it:

The clip starts with the chunky highlight provocateur going up to Abby.

She yells at her for being on her phone.

Abby is legitimately startled.

Incredibly dramatic music plays while Abby slowly scoots backwards out of the theater.

Chunky highlight queen says again, "Put it away."

Abby is beside herself.

A woman we only know as "woman" asks Abby where she's going.

Abby says "Baskin-Robbins."

But Abby is not on her way to Baskin-Robbins.

She's zoomin' somewhere else.

Abby is going to the police.

We find out she's filing a police report against the woman for verbally abusing her by asking her to get off her phone.

And that, my friends, is reality TV art.

The end.