Pedro Pascal Turned 48, And Amy Sedaris's Birthday Message Is Hilarious, Heartwarming, Raunchy, And Also Hot

    In other words, it's perfect.

    Pedro Pascal turned 48 this weekend!

    Pedro in a suit clasping his hands in front of him

    Hopefully he got his free Starbucks drink, because that six-shot espresso he's drinking every day isn't cheap!

    Close-up of Pedro smiling

    If you didn't know, Pedro is longtime best friends with Sarah Paulson.

    Sarah and Pedro standing together with their mouths open

    Which is prettttty legendary, if you ask me.

    Sarah and Pedro standing together and embracing

    And as a good best friend does, Sarah gave Pedro a multiple IG story birthday blessing.

    Sarah clasping Pedro's arm as they smile at each other

    There was a very personal FaceTime screenshot:

    Sarah's IG story pic of Pedro and her FaceTiming, with caption "He loves my hair in this picture"

    A blurry bar shot:

    A screenshot from Sarah's IG story of Pedro close up and smiling, with caption "Happy birthday to one of the loves of my life"

    And a photo of them beating the shit out of each other:

    A screenshot from Sarah's IG story of Pedro and Sarah pretend fighting, with caption "He's trying to break my neck in this one"

    Sibling rivalry <3:

    Pedro and Sarah holding hands at an event

    But another friend of Pedro's one-upped Sarah's tribute, and that person is Amy Sedaris.

    Close-up of Pedro smiling

    Pedro and Amy work together on The Mandalorian.

    The cast of The Mandalorian standing together and smiling

    Amy left a very, very cute message on her Instagram that was attached to a video that DEFINITELY didn't match that cutesy sentiment.

    Close-up of Amy smiling

    "We need an international Pedro Day because everyone loves Pedro," she started.

    Close-up of Pedro

    "Fun Facts: Pedro is so magnetic so enticing so sweet so funny so loyal."

    Close-up of Pedro smiling

    She continued, "He is an instant family member when you meet him. He’s a puppy dog just so darn lovable."

    Close-up of Pedro smiling and pointing

    "So hardworking so talented so grateful for everything and best friends with @mssarahcatharinepaulson."

    Close-up of Pedro holding a cup and saucer

    Amy concluded with, "I just love Pedro [a] real #ariesman Have the best day ever my friend. We are all under your spell #internationalpedroday."

    Close-up of Pedro giving the peace sign with with hands

    And then she attached this video to it:


    Screenshot from the video of Pedro sitting on a talk show with his legs crossed seductively

    In conclusion, I'll leave you with this reply to Mindy Kaling's comment on the post: