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    The "American Sections" In International Stores Are Fascinating Because It's Hilarious What Non-Americans Consider To Be "American Foods"

    I want to travel overseas just to shop in an "American" section.

    In case you didn't know, grocery stores from around the world often have American sections.

    do americans know that in the uk supermarkets have an american section

    Twitter: @foolishnfading

    Here you'll find food that the world considers *distinctly* American.

    Got middle of the night munchies and discovered my corner store has an American section holy shiiiit

    Twitter: @ruinroux

    You'll find weird flavors of Dr. Pepper...

    Yay found these in @Tesco on the american section, finally I get to taste them :)

    Twitter: @wolfman70

    ...chocolate covered pretzels...

    Found these in the American section at the local tesco! Boom..

    Twitter: @supervillain18

    ...just, like, marshmallows...

    Found these in the specialty section of the local marché. "A True American Tradition"

    Twitter: @TheRielJVL


    It’s been five years since I last had these. Very thankful for the North American section in Partridges. 😍

    Twitter: @talonfast

    ...and, of course, Snapple.

    Found this in the American section in Tesco today 😍 I miss #snapple so much! #pinklemonade

    Twitter: @Schmiricle

    Now let's take a closer look at what's in some American sections at grocery stores around the world.

    The American Section in one of our biggest grosery stores in my town. What's strange to us? Yello! We just don't get that... 😁

    Twitter: @Maxyma11

    This store has an assortment of Jell-O, coconut oil, and something called Pain 100%.

    Coconut oil, pain jars, and many jello flavors

    They also have an entire row of macaroni 'n' cheese, pancake mix, and both pancake and chocolate syrup. Yum!

    Mac 'n' cheese and syrups — lots of syrups

    You'll find what non-Americans consider American staples in these sections.

    @Sundae_Gurl On a different note, what do you reckon to the American section at my local supermarket? Looks like it has the basics.

    Twitter: @StuWatts73

    Like Pop-Tarts and Froot Loops.

    And there's always some sort of jumbo marshmallow because, yup, we love munchin' on GIANT marshmallows.

    It's pretty eye-opening to see what people consider "American."

    Went to Tesco earlier and remembered the hilarious ’American’ section

    Twitter: @Kafers8bit

    Pretzel chips and those honey mustard–covered pretzel nubs are apparently American foods:

    mike and ikes and many types of pretzels

    Also, grape juice is American. Just a shit ton of grape juice!

    bottles of grape juice

    And what would an American section be without Fluff and and Frank's Red Hot?

    Some American sections have "American" baking mixes.

    I could actually smell the sugar in the American section of the grocery store, even through a mask. 😜

    Twitter: @Meg_Ell_P

    You got your Bisquick next to a jar of hot dogs:

    And there's also cans of pumpkin:

    Cans of pumpkin are actually a *thing* you often see in the American section. I guess that makes sense considering our obsession with fall.

    @Mister_R100 If you can get a can of pumpkin purée then it makes life super easy - these are in the American section of the local Tesco. Recipe is on the back.

    Twitter: @DowntimeDude

    American sections can be easily found because they are draped in bigass American flags:

    Ah yes, the American section of the supermarket.

    Twitter: @DjionRandon

    In this particular American section, they have XXL hamburger buns next to bottles of Arizona iced tea. America!!!!

    xxl buns and az ice tea

    A majority of American sections are just full of candy.

    @CultureCasino in the heart of England in a small town supermarket,for some reason only known to them they have an American section. Is there anything worth sampling on there?

    Twitter: @kipellis

    Remember Runts? You can find 'em there!

    And look, the pretzel nubbins. I had no idea these were *so* American.

    This American section has a big selection of Gatorades:

    I found an "American" section in the foreign food area of this Tesco!

    Twitter: @agtmadcat

    They also have Teddy Grahams next to taco seasoning because that seems like a great combo!

    taco seasoning mix and boxes of teddy grahams

    Lastly, we have this American section:

    To our American customers and followers, Happy 4th of July! This is our American section in the Hampstead shop... spot any of your favourites? 🎉🇺🇸 #4thOfJuly

    Twitter: @ButchandProv

    They have a large selection of pickles and canned beans:

    And then, just like, packs of Big Red in pie tins:

    Because really, what's more American than packs of Big Red in pie tins?

    In conclusion, I'll leave you with this "American Way" hamburger "sandwich" because doesn't it look delish?!

    What I bought today in the „american“ section in our supermarket #fascinathings

    Twitter: @fascinathings