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20 Pictures That Show How Differently Americans Are Dealing With Coronavirus Compared With The Rest Of The World

Are you surprised?

While the rest of the world is stocking up on food...

1. Americans are doing this:

If you thought the lines at the grocery store are long... good morning from Los Angeles 🌴

2. And this:

The gun shop in my hood has a line as long as Costco. 🥺

3. And this:

@gfiorelli1 @dohertyjf @aleyda This was in a sporting goods store yesterday at the gun counter that never has lines.

4. They're buying stores out:

Gun store was sold out of ammo yesterday 🥴 y’all going crazy.

5. They're waiting in line:

Line to enter the gun store. Terrifying

6. And they're stocking up:

7. While the rest of the world is stocking up on the essentials, Americans are doing this:

I’m at a gun store and there’s like 50 people in line trying to buy shit.

8. This:

Big line for handguns and most the ammo sold out at sportsman warehouse

9. And this:

my coworker drove past a gun store yesterday and said there was a line out the door...? Can y'all please tell me exactly what you think it is we're preparing for?????

10. It's like apocalyptic Supermarket Sweep up in here:

Academy Sports & Outdoors sold out of 9mm ammo. Glad to know everyone’s head is in the right place. #coronavirus #yikes

11. People are rushing out:

It was so many folks in there buying guns. All the hand gun ammo selling out.

12. They're buying all they can:

The lines for guns at bass pro was huge. Hella guns sold out

13. And they're waiting around the block:

People are in line around the corner for the GUN STORE!! Are they planning on shooting people that take their toilet paper ?!

14. And I'm talking huge lines:

This was literally the line for guns and ammo today @BassProShops in Las Vegas On Dean Martin Dr. one of the employee said that this line was mild compared to the previous day. You can’t see the whole line.🤦🏽‍♀️ #coronapocolypse #coronavirus #Trumpdemic #ammo #lasvegas

15. They're buying shotguns:

Local gun stores are sold out of ammo and back-ordered on shotguns. There was a line outside just to get in.

16. Ammo:

It was so many folks in there buying guns. All the hand gun ammo selling out.

17. And just about everything:

I went to buy a gun today and they said they were all sold out smh...first time ever hearing that

18. Even "bulk" ammo is selling out:

@EsmeAlaki @Costco This was the scene at City Arms in Pacifica. Similar situation at Peninsula Guns and Tactical. Lots of empty shelves. Good luck finding bulk ammo.

19. I mean, whew:

My brother, a salesman at a gun shop (itself a discussion for a different time), informed me they completely sold out of ammunition today. Are people in rural Pennsylvania planning to defend themselves against COVID-19 by....... shooting it?

20. To sum is all up: "This is America!"

I went to but my Ammo jejely, see pple in line waiting to do same. The lines got significantly longer. This is America!