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20 Pictures That Show How Differently Americans Are Dealing With Coronavirus Compared With The Rest Of The World

Are you surprised?

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While the rest of the world is stocking up on food...

1. Americans are doing this:

If you thought the lines at the grocery store are long... good morning from Los Angeles 🌴

2. And this:

The gun shop in my hood has a line as long as Costco. 🥺

3. And this:

@gfiorelli1 @dohertyjf @aleyda This was in a sporting goods store yesterday at the gun counter that never has lines.

4. They're buying stores out:

Gun store was sold out of ammo yesterday 🥴 y’all going crazy.

5. They're waiting in line:

Line to enter the gun store. Terrifying

6. And they're stocking up:

7. While the rest of the world is stocking up on the essentials, Americans are doing this:

I’m at a gun store and there’s like 50 people in line trying to buy shit.

8. This:

Big line for handguns and most the ammo sold out at sportsman warehouse

9. And this:

my coworker drove past a gun store yesterday and said there was a line out the door...? Can y'all please tell me exactly what you think it is we're preparing for?????

10. It's like apocalyptic Supermarket Sweep up in here:

Academy Sports & Outdoors sold out of 9mm ammo. Glad to know everyone’s head is in the right place. #coronavirus #yikes

11. People are rushing out:

It was so many folks in there buying guns. All the hand gun ammo selling out.

12. They're buying all they can:

The lines for guns at bass pro was huge. Hella guns sold out

13. And they're waiting around the block:

People are in line around the corner for the GUN STORE!! Are they planning on shooting people that take their toilet paper ?!

14. And I'm talking huge lines:

This was literally the line for guns and ammo today @BassProShops in Las Vegas On Dean Martin Dr. one of the employee said that this line was mild compared to the previous day. You can’t see the whole line.🤦🏽‍♀️ #coronapocolypse #coronavirus #Trumpdemic #ammo #lasvegas

15. They're buying shotguns:

Local gun stores are sold out of ammo and back-ordered on shotguns. There was a line outside just to get in.

16. Ammo:

It was so many folks in there buying guns. All the hand gun ammo selling out.

17. And just about everything:

I went to buy a gun today and they said they were all sold out smh...first time ever hearing that

18. Even "bulk" ammo is selling out:

@EsmeAlaki @Costco This was the scene at City Arms in Pacifica. Similar situation at Peninsula Guns and Tactical. Lots of empty shelves. Good luck finding bulk ammo.

19. I mean, whew:

My brother, a salesman at a gun shop (itself a discussion for a different time), informed me they completely sold out of ammunition today. Are people in rural Pennsylvania planning to defend themselves against COVID-19 by....... shooting it?

20. To sum is all up: "This is America!"

I went to but my Ammo jejely, see pple in line waiting to do same. The lines got significantly longer. This is America!