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Why America Needs Britney Spears More Than Ever

Change is upon us.

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Are you still alive after watching her tell men to "suck her fucking toe"?

Can you handle the destruction of the "Break the Ice" choreo?

Britney is back to ruin all your faves' lives.

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The Vegas show has been the best thing (besides breaking up with that random dude) that has happened to her in like seven years!


Sooooo, how about this: Britney extends the residency a leg or two.

That way we can continue to watch her make the "Me Against the Music" breakdown her bitch.

That way we get more "Toxic" floor poundage.

And that way we get more of this sick-ass "Pretty Girls" breakdown.

It just feels so damn good to see Britney work the stage so hard.


You can let the literal president of the United States know that Britney Spears needs to stay in Las Vegas by signing this petition.