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    Eminem Is Turning Into Mariah Carey Dressed As Eminem And I'm Cackling

    I love it so much.

    The other week it was exposed by a fellow colleague of mine that Eminem was growing a questionable beard that resembled pubes. Now, I am NOT into beard shaming but I am into pointing out facts. I don't like drama so I try not to lie!

    Ever since Eminem revealed his pubeard, it's been a constant thought. Not because it resembles curly pubes, but because it resembles Mariah Carey's fake beard in her video for "Obsessed."

    Then I was sent a new Instagram video with Eminem's beard and holy shit, I realized his evolution into Mariah Carey dressed as Eminem was almost complete! It's like the movie Inception but with a talented vocalist and that guy from 8 Mile. (Full disclosure: I never saw Inception but I feel like there's a plot line of a famous rapper growing a ratty beard and turning into a vocalist named Mariah).

    There's a reason/history to this...

    LET ME EXPLAIN, if you don't remember the lore, Mariah Carey and Eminem hate each other. In 2009, Mariah released a top 10 hit called "Obsessed" with a literal Eminem look-a-like in the video.

    Philip Ramey Photography, Llc / Getty Images

    In case you didn't realize, that's Mariah Carey in Eminem drag.

    Philip Ramey Photography, Llc / Getty Images

    She looks just like Eminem if Eminem had a pubey beard...

    Philip Ramey Photography, Llc / Getty Images

    Now let's compare.

    Eminem with a beard:

    Mariah Carey with a beard:

    Eminem with a beard:

    Mariah Carey with a beard:

    I see no difference.

    Eminem's instagram

    In conclusion, Mariah predicted the future because she is a legend.

    Maybe someday Eminem will hit that whistle note, something he has yet to achieve.

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