We Need To Talk About Britney Spears' Obsession With Teeny Tiny Furniture

    Here for it.

    Well well well, here we are again, BUZZFOOLS, talking about the best celebrity on Instagram and planet Earth, Britney Spears.

    If you asked me 12 years ago, "Hey gay lil' Matt, what do you think Britney Spears will be doing in 2018?" I would have never guessed: chatting with Albert Einstein, having runway fashion shows for her dogs, boning a fine-ass 24-year-old, AND NOW collecting and curating her own personal collection of teeny, tiny furniture.

    Yes, the rumors are true! Our girl has a tiny baby furniture fetish.

    Let's dive right in to this unique and now iconic lil' fetish.

    The first time I realized Britney Spears had a *thing* for tiny baby furniture was this selfie.

    What's that there? Oh yes, it's a tiny baby bed just sitting there in the corner of her gorgeous home gym. HMMMM, I was curious, my interest piqued.

    Could my queen be delving into the dark world of tiny furniture?

    Then, there was *this* workout video. *Takes a deep breath* What the...

    Ah ha! Yes. A tiny baby couch.

    The tiny baby couch also made an appearance later in the video.


    Fast forward, months later...

    It's Christmas. Britney posted a picture of her giant tree, but a lil' teeny thing caught my eye...

    WHAT IN THE tiny baby furniture world do we have here?! This is like the Princess Diana Beanie Baby of tiny baby furniture. A TEENY, TINY LA-Z-BOY.

    That brings us to present day when Miss Britney granted us another view of her gorgeous mini couch. While doing some choreo to her (should have been) multi-lingual SMASH song "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)," there she was.


    I'm bald.

    All of this leaves me breathless and flabbergasted. What a gorgeous tiny baby furniture queen! While your faves are out here collecting diamonds and jewels, we have a humble queen collecting miniature furniture.

    Thank you, Britney. Please continue to rock and never change.