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    Alexa Demie Wore Literally Just Pants To Fashion Week, And It's Certainly A Look

    That's a lot of pockets!

    In the past year, I've become completely obsessed with all of the Euphoria girlies.

    Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Hunter Schafer, and Alexa Demie posing together for a photo on the red carpet

    Of course, there's Zendaya.

    Zendaya rocking a pantsuit and matching heels on the red carpet

    Love me some Hunter Schafer.

    Obsessed with Sydney Sweeney.

    And I really hope we see more Barbie in the next season!

    But this post is about Alexa Demie.

    Like her Euphoria costars, Alexa has been delivering look after look.

    Like this one:

    Alexa sits on a couch while wearing a 1950s-inspired satin dress with sheer gloves and panty hose

    This one:

    Alexa wears a strapless sheer and sequined floor-length gown with ballooned sleeves

    And this one:

    Alexa poses in a high-necked halter dress with a matching shawl and head covering

    But she really one-upped herself this time...

    Alexa attended the Balenciaga spring 2023 show wearing pants.

    Alexa wearing a giant pair of pants that covers her entire body, with what would normally be the waistline at her neck

    Like, that's just a pair of jeans.

    Alexa is wearing an elongated pair of jeans that come up to her neck and is belted at the waist

    It's reminding me of the little kid who wanted to be "pants" for Halloween.

    I just want everyone to know that my two-year old insisted on being “pants” for Halloween...

    Twitter: @jungleland / Bien Family

    So yeah, just wanted to tell you that wearing an entire pair of pants as an outfit is in.

    Don't you just love fashion?