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    How Dramatically Different 43 Celebrities Looked When They Were Exactly 21 Compared With Now

    Because Helen Mirren has been the coolest celebrity since, like, forever.

    1. Christopher Walken when he was 21.

    in 1964
    Frank Edwards / Getty Images

    Christopher Walken now at 78.

    in 2019
    Foc Kan / WireImage / Getty Images

    2. Helen Mirren when she was 21.

    in 1966
    Mirrorpix / Getty Images

    Helen Mirren now at 76.

    in colorado at a festival
    Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

    3. Cher when she was 21.

    in 1967
    Santi Visalli / Getty Images

    Cher now at 75.

    in italia
    Mega / GC Images / Getty Images

    4. Jennifer Aniston when she was 21.

    Looking very '90s
    Barry King / Getty Images

    Jennifer Aniston now at 52.

    At the Emmys
    ABC / ABC via Getty Images / Via

    5. Leonardo DiCaprio when he was 21.

    Leo with gelled hair
    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    Leonardo DiCaprio now at 46.

    Leo with a wig filming during COVID with Jennifer Lawrence
    Thomas Samson / AFP / Getty Images

    He's filming a movie with Jennifer Lawrence.

    6. Katy Perry when she was 21.

    Katy with a peace sign at a wii party
    Toby Canham / Getty Images

    Katy Perry now at 36.

    7. Ryan Gosling when he was 21.

    Ryan with Sandy B
    Francois Guillot / AFP / Getty Images

    Ryan Gosling now at 40.

    Ryan walking down the street
    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Backgrid

    This is the most recent picture I could find of our little goose because he's been somewhat of a hermit lately.

    8. Britney Spears when she was 21.

    Full-on Juicy Couture
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Britney Spears also when she was 21.

    Kissing Madonna
    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    For context.

    Britney Spears now at 39.

    9. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson when he was 21.

    Playing football in college
    Collegiate Images / WireImage / Getty Images

    He played college football at the University of Miami.

    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson now at 49.

    10. Beyoncé when she was 21.

    Throwing a football
    Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

    Beyoncé now at 40.

    11. Zac Efron when he was 21.

    With Vanessa Hudgens
    Kiyoshi Ota / Getty Images

    Zac Efron now at 33.

    12. Drake when he was 21.

    Drake wearing a sweater with a hand in his pans pocket
    John Ricard / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    Drake now at 34.

    At a party holding a cup
    Jerritt Clark / Getty Images for Noir Blanc

    13. Justin Timberlake when he was 21.

    With Britney Spears
    Lucy Nicholson / AFP / Getty Images

    Justin Timberlake now at 40.

    14. Prince William when he was 21.

    Looking dapper
    Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

    Prince William now at 39.

    Playing rugby
    Max Mumby / Getty Images

    15. Prince Harry when he was 21.

    At a polo match
    Tim Graham / Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

    Prince Harry now at 36.

    Speaking at Global Citizen
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Global Citizen Vax Live

    16. Miley Cyrus when she was 21.

    Grinding with Robin Thicke
    Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

    Miley Cyrus now at 28.

    Performing on New Year's Eve
    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions

    17. Liam Hemsworth when he was 21.

    With Miley Cyrus in 2011
    Christopher Polk / WireImage / Getty Images

    Liam Hemsworth now at 31.

    18. Goldie Hawn when she was 21.

    A black-and0white portrait from 1966
    Joseph Klipple / Getty Images

    Goldie Hawn now at 75.

    Looking regal at a charity event
    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images for Child Mind Institute

    19. Tom Cruise when he was 21.

    On the set of The Outsiders
    Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images

    Tom Cruise now at 59.

    Looking dapper in a suit
    Neil Mockford / GC Images / Getty Images

    20. Katie Holmes when she was 21.

    In 1999 at the Eyes Wide Shut premiere
    Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

    Katie Holmes now at 42.

    Out and about in NYC
    Mega / GC Images / Getty Images

    21. Will Smith when he was 21.

    Wearing a cap with his arm around around DJ Jazzy Jeff's shoulder in 1989
    Al Pereira / Getty Images

    Will Smith now at 52.

    22. Queen Elizabeth when she was 21.

    Smiling in 1947 with her hands folded in front of her
    Fox Photos / Getty Images

    Queen Elizabeth now at 95.

    Beaming in bright pink with her hands in front of her
    WPA Pool / Getty Images

    23. Prince Charles when he was 21.

    Looking a bit nerdy in black and white
    Fox Photos / Getty Images

    Prince Charles now at 72.

    He's smiling real big
    Andrew Milligan — PA Images / PA Images via Getty Images

    24. Angela Lansbury when she was 21.

    Looking very chic in a black-and-white picture
    Toronto Star Archives / Toronto Star via Getty Images

    Angela Lansbury now at 95.

    Smiling in 2019
    Robyn Beck / AFP via Getty Images

    25. Jack Nicholson when he was 21.

    A publicity shot for the movie Cry Baby Killer
    Herbert Dorfman / Corbis via Getty Images

    Jack Nicholson now at 84.

    Jack sitting with his clasped hands in his lap
    Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

    26. Dolly Parton when she was 21.

    With Porter Wagner
    Michael Ochs Archives

    Dolly Parton now at 75.

    Speaking at the ACM Awards next to a bouquet of flowers
    Getty Images / Getty Images for ACM

    27. Al Pacino when he was 21.

    His mugshot in 1961
    Kypros / Getty Images

    Al Pacino now at 81.

    Looking hip at Headhunters premiere
    Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage / Getty Images

    28. Usher when he was 21.

    Shirtless at a Seventeen magazine party
    Sgranitz / WireImage / Getty Images

    Usher now at 42.

    29. Rihanna when she was 21.

    At her first Met Gala
    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    Rihanna now at 33.

    30. Lindsay Lohan when she was 21.

    DJ'ing with Sam Ronson
    Bennett Raglin / WireImage / Getty Images

    Lindsay Lohan now at 35.

    31. Jason Momoa when he was 21.

    Jason going full-on twink
    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    Jason Momoa now at 42.

    leaving a mexican restaurant with a bushy beard
    Ricky Vigil M / GC Images / Getty Images

    32. Blake Lively when she was 21.

    With Penn Badgley circa Gossip Girls
    Jamie Mccarthy / WireImage / Getty Images

    Blake Lively now at 34.

    At the Freeguy premiere with Ryan Gosling
    Raymond Hall / GC Images

    33. Jake Gyllenhaal when he was 21.

    At the Harry Potter premiere
    Frank Trapper / Corbis via Getty Images

    Jake Gyllenhaal now at 40.

    Looking serious and standing with his hand in his pants pocket
    Barcroft Media / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

    34. Hilary Duff when she was 21.

    in 2008
    John Shearer / WireImage / Getty Images

    Hilary Duff now at 33.

    35. David Beckham when he was 21.

    At a soccer game, in uniform
    Mike Poole — Empics / PA Images via Getty Images

    David Beckham now at 46.

    Smiling at a soccer game, but wearing a suit, not a uniform
    Mike Marsland / Mike Marsland / WireImage / Getty Images

    36. Wilmer Valderrama when he was 21.

    Looking very youthful and basic in jeans and a T-shirt
    Sgranitz / WireImage / Getty Images

    Wilmer Valderrama now at 41.

    37. Tyra Banks when she was 21.

    With fellow guest Richard Simmons on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
    NBC / Getty Images

    Tyra Banks now at 47.

    38. Christina Aguilera when she was 21.

    Xtina and the "Lady Marmalade" girls with Grammys
    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    Christina Aguilera now at 40.

    39. Avril Lavigne when she was 21.

    Holding up Spanx because she got them for free
    Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images

    Avril Lavigne now at 36.

    Out in LA
    Joce / GC Images / Getty Images / Via

    40. Taylor Swift when she was 21.

    Shooting a gun with Shania Twain
    Rick Diamond / Getty Images

    Taylor Swift now at 31.

    At the BRIT Awards in May
    Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

    41. Lady Gaga when she was 21.

    At the Logo Awards
    Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

    Lady Gaga now at 35.

    Serving at Radio City Music Hall in platforms
    Mega / GC Images / Via

    42. Ben Affleck when he was 21.

    in 1993
    Getty Images

    Ben Affleck now at 49.

    With JLo
    Ron Galella / WireImage / Getty Images

    43. Paul Rudd when he was 21.

    Not really 21 but still looking young on the red carpet
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Paul Rudd now at 52.

    Same pic as the last one
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images