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    13 Videos That Mean Something Completely Different After Britney Spears' Explosive Testimony

    Fans have been saying these things for years, but now it's clearer than ever.

    After Britney Spears' testimony, clips from interviews and concerts have taken on whole new meaning.

    A poster of Britney Spears with duct tape over her mouth

    1. Like these clips from 2018 of Britney teaching the choreography for her Domination residency that was abruptly canceled. In her testimony, Britney said she was basically directing the show and that her management made false allegations that she wasn't participating or taking her medication after she refused to do a dance move.

    “I taught my dancers my new choreography myself. I take everything I do very seriously there’s a ton of video with me at rehearsals. I wasn’t good… I was great”

    Twitter: @reedlikeabook_

    In her testimony, she said, "It’s funny to hear my managers’ side of the story. They all said I wasn’t participating in rehearsals and I never agreed to take my medication — which my medication is only taken in the mornings, never at rehearsal. They don’t even see me. So why are they even claiming that?"

    Britney Spears “not participating” in rehearsals #FreeBritney #BelieveBritney #BritneySpeaks #BritneySpears #DominationRehearsals #BritneyDomination #FreeBritneyNOW #EndTheConservatorship #EndConservatorshipAbuse

    2. One of the few times Britney talked to the crowd during her Piece of Me residency shows was before she sang "Freak Show."

    i think britney spears spoke for US ALL when she told men to suck her fucking toe

    She went viral in 2015 when she said during a show that men could suck her fucking toe. Fans thought this was about her dating life, but in a resurfaced clip from an interview with Mario Lopez, she says it's because of "men issues, daddy issues."

    Twitter: @CandidlyCarlo

    The "daddy issues" part was allegedly cut from the clip.

    3. Another concert moment that means something different now is this clip of Britney saying it feels "illegal" to be standing on stage speaking with a microphone.

    Britney has been performing since she was a child, she should not have to hold a liv mic and feel “illegal”... we are done allowing her to be SILENCED. #FreeBritney #endtheconservatorship

    Twitter: @leospearss

    During this show, she went on to sing her own version of "Something to Talk About" by Bonnie Raitt.

    4. One other concert moment that means something different now is when she said, "What do you do when someone tells you you can't do something? You do it!"

    Twitter: @seanrstephens

    5. Besides these concert moments, certain Instagrams have also taken on new meaning, like this clip of Britney seemingly acknowledging the Framing Britney Spears documentary.

    After yesterday’s events, nobody can tell me this video wasn’t 100% in response to Framjng Britney. Her mind.

    Twitter: @breatheonmiley

    Soon after the New York Times documentary aired, Britney posted this video saying, "The moment we've all been waiting for last week...the Super Bowl! I was SO excited, but honestly I was rooting for Kansas City but I was also rooting for the other team. It was a little confusing for me. I love sharing."

    6. The time Britney alluded to familial drama in one of her Q&A sessions.

    Britney CHEWED Jamie Lynn here and we all knew it but the fact it’s confirmed now >>>

    Twitter: @breatheonmiley

    I wrote about this in another post, but every now and then Britney does Q&As. The thing is, no one knows who is asking her these questions. Like, no one is ever in the comments asking these questions.

    Which brings me to this Q&A where Britney says her favorite Disney movie is Frozen. She says it's because of the relationship between the two sisters and how one of them runs away to live in a castle because she "can't deal." I don't know about you, but that's not exactly how I'd describe the plot of Frozen.

    7. This interview her brother, Bryan Spears, did about the conservatorship.

    This is such a frustrating interview with Bryan Spears. The interviewer (who couldn't even pronounce "conservatorship") has zero knowledge of "Free Britney" and Bryan joked about her freedom then whined about how much it "sucks" to have so many "strong-minded" women in the family

    Twitter: @Christian_Zamo

    In her testimony, Britney said she was sick of seeing family members doing interviews about her situation. "My own family doing interviews and talking about the situation and making me feel so stupid. And I can’t say one thing. And my own people say I can’t say anything," she said.

    8. The multiple videos of Britney saying she's "the happiest she's ever been in her life."

    The way I’m NEVER taking Britney’s Instagram seriously ever again even if they force her to make these vids… she was lying through her teeth #FreeBritney

    Twitter: @breatheonmiley

    In her testimony, Britney said she had to lie to herself that she was happy. She said, "That’s why I’m telling you this again two years later, after I’ve lied and told the whole world 'I’m OK and I’m happy.' It’s a lie. I thought just maybe if I said that enough, maybe I might become happy, because I’ve been in denial. I’ve been in shock. I am traumatized."

    9. This video of her describing her astrological sign Sagittarius as "loving freedom."

    Now that we’ve heard Britney’s official testimony this video hits different

    Twitter: @heidiwood_

    Another subtle "freedom" acknowledgment? Seems so.

    10. All the times we've been like "you're rich, why didn't you just buy that for yourself?"

    I have so many questions about Britney Spears’ Instagram video about burning her gym down. Here’s a few: 1. She burned her gym down? Oops. 2. She had 2 candles in her gym? 3. Why does her voice sound auto tuned? 4. In 6 months, Britney Spears didn’t buy anymore equipment?

    Twitter: @KrisReports

    Britney was never in control of her own money. The New York Times reported she was given an allowance of $2,000 a week. There have been certain Instagrams from the past few years where she talks about her dream car (a Bentley) or this clip of her burnt down gym that was still burned-down six months later. She's worth millions of dollars, why not buy that Bentley and fix that house?!

    In her testimony, she also said she wasn't given any "self-care methods" for a year. "It also took a year, during COVID, to get me any self-care methods. She said there were no services available. She’s lying, ma’am," she told the judge.

    11. In a New York Times story that came out the day before her testimony, the Times reported Britney was forced to perform with a 104 degree fever. Fans found this video from her Piece of Me residency where Britney told the crowd she was super sick with a 102 degree fever.

    “She also claimed she had been forced to perform while sick with a 104-degree fever, calling it one of the scariest moments of her life.” #FreeBritney

    Twitter: @dopestbritney

    Seems dangerous to me.

    12. This interview with ET where Britney said her boyfriends are given background checks because of her dad.

    In a 2013 interview with ET, Britney Spears admits that her dad Jamie Spears ran a background check on her then boyfriend, David Lucado.

    Twitter: @etnow

    Extreme, no?

    13. And lastly, this video of Britney doing the ALS challenge on her longtime manager Larry Rudolph as payback for "17 years of torture."

    "For all the 17 years of torture you put me through" wow she wasn't kidding

    Twitter: @CandidlyCarlo

    In her testimony, Britney said her management and anyone involved in the conservatorship should be in jail. "Ma’am, my dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship and my management who played a huge role in punishing me when I said no — ma’am, they should be in jail," she said.