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Adorable Old Couple Is The Real-Life "Notebook"

BRB, crying.

OK, so, you know "The Notebook"?

Blah blah blah these two fall in love.

Years later, the woman gets dementia, and the man reads his diary to her, hoping that she'll remember who he is.

And then you cry. You cry hard.


On Oct. 4, 1941, Jack Potter wrote in his journal that he danced with a very nice lady at a wartime dance, and he hoped he would run into her again.

Casey Gutteridge /

Mr. Potter told the Daily Mail: "She was an excellent dance partner and an older woman — I thought she was wonderful and I still do. It was definitely love at first sight, everything fell into place. It was uncanny really."

Sixteen months later, the two were married. They've been together ever since.

Casey Gutteridge /

He says: "'We have been together forever, we had no children it was just us two."

Throughout the past 70 years, Jack has kept a diary of their stories and inside jokes.

Casey Gutteridge /

More recently, Phyllis was diagnosed with dementia. Just like in "The Notebook," Jack has taken to reading his diary to Phyllis at the nursing home where she now lives.

Casey Gutteridge /

Jack says, "I often take the diaries of our time caravanning and show her the pictures, she enjoys that. Whenever I turn up to see her she stretches her arms out to hug me — she is very affectionate — despite being so unwell."

Casey Gutteridge /

He continues, "Phyllis struggles to speak and I will often read to her and chat to her but she struggles to respond."

Casey Gutteridge /

The two recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Casey Gutteridge /

Jack says, "Our motto is Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be. If it's going to happen it'll happen, we just get on with it."

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