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    We Need To Talk About Adele And Her Obsession With T-Shirt Cannons

    This was the type of content I needed to get me through the work day, babes.

    Adele just performed two humongous shows in the UK.

    Adele performing in the UK

    It was your usual gorgeous gowns and stunning vocals, but then I came across a bunch of photos of her with a T-shirt cannon.

    Adele performing in a beautiful, sophisticated gown

    She's obsessed.

    She has a whole history with them.

    Adele shooting some more shirts. #AdeleLive2017

    Twitter: @AdeleNowuk

    It's actually become somewhat of a tradition for her to bust a cannon out and launch some merch into the crowd.

    Laughter, tears, charity, swearing, t shirt guns... there really is nothing like an @Adele gig! #amazingtalent #hometown #meanmutha #love

    Twitter: @FosterReid_

    She's been doing it for a while...

    Adele shooting shirts into the crowd! Loving her banter!! 😂🇬🇧🎤 #Adele #AdelePerth

    Twitter: @TomMarlow_

    ...and has become a real T-shirt gun connoisseur.


    Twitter: @trackbytrackuk

    Soooo, it was nice to see her bring it back at her recent UK shows.

    one thing about Adele… she always gon make sure a fan gets a shirt from her t-shirt gun

    Twitter: @rollinthetweets

    Adele brought out MULTIPLE T-shirt guns for a pretty long T-shirt launching interlude.

    When is @Adele not iconic? 🎥: adele.romaniaa on IG

    Twitter: @THEESTANWAR

    Clips of Adele's T-shirt cannon excitement are going viral on TikTok:


    @AdeleOfficial and her t shirt cannon lmao #adele #adelehydepark

    ♬ original sound - Matt & Omar

    And also Twitter:

    Hilarious misfire of T-shirt gun. X @Adele #AdeleBST

    Twitter: @dongoo1

    There was actually a really cute moment when she launched a shirt at a little girl:

    This was such a sweet moment! @Adele was aiming to shoot the tshirt towards a girl and someone else grabbed it but they gave it to her and she started crying 🥺💜💜 and what happens next is really funny 😂

    Twitter: @CarolinaMillan

    Basically, this was the type of content I needed as I ease myself out of a long weekend.

    ⁦@Adele⁩ shooting some merch into the audience. #hydepark #london #concert

    Twitter: @insooradstake

    I also need to add "get whacked in the head by Adele launching a T-shirt at me" to my bucket list.

    Adele holding a T-shirt gun during a concert

    So yeah, you learn something new every day.

    Adele looking serious while holding a T-shirt gun

    Adele's just another T-shirt cannon loving gal <3

    Adele laughs while holding a T-shirt gun

    And really, who can blame her? That's goals, babes!

    @Adele @AdeleAccess Knock it out of the park ♥️♥️

    Twitter: @hernextdoor4

    You can watch the full T-shirt cannon ordeal here. It's very funny:

    View this video on YouTube

    Thomas Lambert/


    Honorable mention to me, Adele and her T-shirt gun.

    Twitter: @_jonathanpicard