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23 Deleted Lindsay Lohan Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum

Some fine art for you.

1. That time a waitress punched her for no reason:

2. That time she asked what an Emma Stone was:

3. That time she said "Hello Facebook" ... on Twitter:

4. That time she renamed a tropical storm:

5. That time she begged for more followers:

6. That time she tried to meet up with Chris Brown:

7. That time she got pissed at Amanda Bynes because she had to go to jail and Amanda didn't:

8. That other time she begged for more followers:

9. That time she asked a website to wish her happy birthday:

10. That time she had skinny snacks with Lady Gaga:

11. That time she brought all her drama to Twitter:

12. That other time she brought all her drama to Twitter:

13. No, really. Lindsay Lohan always brought her drama to Twitter:

14. Seriously, Lindsay Lohan invented messy Twitter drama:

15. That time she clarified that her finger was ripped off:

16. That time she lectured the president of the United States:

17. That time she admitted how bad her movie was:

18. The time she asked One Direction, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga to collaborate in one tweet:

19. The time she explained to someone named "Goose" how the internet works:

20. The time something fell:

21. That time she begged Bill Maher to message her back:

22. That time she wanted us to visit Uganda:

23. And lastly, that time she called out Chanel to accessorize her SCRAM bracelet: