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A Tribute To The Guy In The Blue Shorts On The Purdue Gymnastics Team

My new hero.

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If you didn't already know, I feel bad for you, but there's this really hot guy on the Purdue gymnastics team who wears long blue gym shorts.

He's the best thing that's happened to knee-length blue shorts in a very, very long time.

He also has a yellow tank top that's very nice too.

The thing that makes him so unique is his hot body, extreme flexibility, and cute smile. He's like a total triple threat.

He has nice abs too.

And the blue shorts. There is NOTHING better than a guy in gym shorts.

EXCEPT a guy in sweatpants.

But gym shorts are also great so whatever.

Back to my gorgeous blue-shorted boo.

So like there was this one time he lifted his legs on a bike rack.

It was, as we say in history, "iconic."

Like a masterpiece.

Furthermore, he's the leader of other hot, shirtless men.

All the other boys admire him.

He just stands out.

Another thing I love about him are his hot dance moves.

So fresh.

So nimble.

OMG he's also so goofy.

He totally makes space funny + hot.

Basically, the whole point of this was to shine a light on someone making a positive impact on a college community.

So yeah, thank you.



Thank you and goodnight!

Thank you and goodnight!

You can watch the full video of him and his teammates in motion here.

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