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A Tribute To Greta Garbo Not Being Impressed

Greta Garbo would have celebrated her 107th birthday this week. She wouldn't have been impressed.

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Greta Garbo...

Not impressed.

Things that don't impress Greta:

That shitty frock you're wearing.

That thing on the left.

That thing on the right.

This mirror.

Sketchy ass doors.

Reporters and fans.

This candle.

And You.

*Marlene sees Greta is unimpressed, sips tea*

Greta is also not impressed by her birthday.

This dude kissing her.

This other dude kissing her.

Seriously, she DOESN'T CARE.

*Falls asleep while being kissed*

Stop now.

Greta's also not impressed by the asshole who interrupted her reading.

That lace.

The view off this boat.

You, again.

Adult lions.

Bad cocktails.

This weird statue.

Anyone who has issues with her womanhood.

Strange dudes staring closely next to her face.

And strange little boys caressing her face.

Things that impress Greta Garbo:

Baby lions.

Wrapping herself up like a taco.

To sum things up...

*Rolls eyes*

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