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    A TikTok Is Going Viral That Shows What Coronavirus Would Look Like On A Reality TV Show And It's Eerily Accurate Slash Equally Hilarious

    "Eden starts coughing directly into my mouth."

    As each day morphs into the next and shit keeps on hitting the fan, it's hard to find joy in literally anything.

    That is until I found Boman Martinez-Reid.

    I think 20 people have sent me his TikTok parody of what Coronavirus would look like on a reality TV show:


    When one of your friends coughs except it’s reality TV ##fyp ##foryou ##realitytv

    ♬ original sound - bomanizer

    From the narration.

    To the coughing queen.

    The random person dancing.

    And the perfect soundtrack.

    It's exactly what I needed.

    I mean, even Elizabeth Banks gave it a 10/10!

    To sum it up: It's funny because it's true and this is definitely going to be a plot line on the next season of the Kardashians.