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    This Kid's Lady Gaga Videos Will Seriously Make Your Day

    I love this.

    First, an announcement: There is only one month left until Lady Gaga's cinematic debut in A Star Is Born.

    The movie is receiving legit rave reviews and there's even talk of Gaga being nominated for Academy Awards and shit. EGOT coming. Second peak approaching. The gays really have won.

    Variety praises A Star Is Born and calls it an “across-the-board Oscar contender” which has the muscle to win all five major categories.

    Also, just for fun, let's also the one time she got in an iconic Twitter fight with P*rez Hilton.

    ANYWAY, let's meet Staten.

    Happy Monday Beautiful Angels💖💞. Have such a positive/Loving Week everyone! And remember BE PROUD AND LOVE YOURSELF and BE KIND TO OTHERS🐾. My support for you all is Forever💕❤️. And I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support🤗. Love, Staten NOT HARRY😂🤴🏻🐾

    Staten's a legit child (no offense, he just is) from Iowa and he makes really cute and adorable Lady Gaga lipsync videos. They're part ASMR and part inspirational speeches. Joel Osteen wishes he were 1/4 inspirational as Staten.

    Heyyy everyone. I hope you had suchhh a greaat Friday. And Havee an amazing Weekend🤙🏻🤟🏻✌🏻. And remember BE KIND to others and YOURSELF. YOU ARE LOVED lots💖💞. Cannot wait to release my new video😌. Hope you all are feeling inspired and happy.Kisses, Staten. NOT HARRY😂

    Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the videos!

    One of the 172 interviews where she said she was Italian

    Watch this one where he does a little lip-sync to "Bad Romance":

    Hiiiii Monsters!!! What’s newww?!? My recent video IS OUT NOW!! (You better enjoy it😉) Put dose paws up HIGH very high😉. BE PROUD💖. I love you!🤟🏻. @ladygaga @gagadaily @gagasyuyi @MontanaEfaw @momgerm @LadyGagaUpdated @RuPaul @shesmycure @mKiK808 @BTWFoundation ❤️💖💕

    Here is "Alejandro":

    Woohoo!! Here is myyy superr new brand new video!!! You enjoy babies💖💞. I love youuu all so much and I hope It was good and positive!!😥 Big HUGS💖💞. @ladygaga @RuPaul @RuPaulsDragRace @MTV @gagadaily @aquariaofficial @MontanaEfaw @mKiK808 @LGMonsterFacts @MTVNews @gagasyuyi

    This is "Telephone":

    Whats up friends!!! Here is myy newww newww video! I had to cut some of the beginning😬. Sorry!! It wasn’t that important anyway. And plus it wasn’t going to fit😵. The end is the best☺️. Okay! I hope you like likeeee it!! I love ya all sooo much💖💓😘💕💗💗💓💓💞💝💘💘💘💘💘

    And here is "Hair":

    Hi everyone!! My new video is out NOW! Thank you all for the support and love I truly appreciate it! I love you! And I hope Gaga sees it! Big hugs! 🤗🤗💗❤️💕💖. @ladygaga @gagasyuyi @LadyGagaUpdated @ladygaga_JWT @gagadaily @MontanaEfaw @GagaTourNews @allyslays38 😘💗💕❤️

    Final thought: Lady Gaga, release the album. Where is the album? We want the album.

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