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    A McKayla Maroney Appreciation Post

    In celebration of one of the standout stars of the London Olympics, McKayla Maroney. Maroneys (fans of McKayla Maroney, that's what we call ourselves) unite!

    So, if you didn't already know, this is our girl McKayla. McKayla's flawless vault (the judges were egregiously wrong by not giving her a perfect score) stole the show at the women's gymnastics team final.

    Take a moment to relive her legendary vault one more time:

    McKayla lit'rally made the judges jaws drop.


    Anyways, McKayla has basically become THE face of the women's team gymnastics gold medal.

    The President even knows her.

    But more importantly, Lady Gaga tweeted at her!


    But let's rewind a bit. Here's her elementary school yearbook quote. She's always wanted it.

    More than a Christmas puppy!

    It's also cool how she got to go to the games with Kyla, her childhood best friend.

    I mean, come on, how cute are they?!?!?!

    "Ice buds 4 life" awwwww.

    She's also funny.

    But when the time comes, she doesn't mess around.

    She's focused.

    Has the fiercest walk.

    Seriously, no one on Team USA can walk like McKayla Maroney can walk.


    She's also really tough. A month ago she had a concussion and a fractured nose!

    And McKayla's just like, "yeah whatever, and your point is??"

    The point is, you're a badass.

    She knows it.

    Yeah, even this happens to McKayla.

    But whatever, she can balance on the knees of an English guard.

    And basically float.

    She's the Regina George of gymnastics.

    She came up with Team USA's name.

    Keeps the other girls in check.

    But still has mad love for her team.

    Have I mentioned she's the best vaulter in the world?

    In conclusion, "who's the best, McKayla?"

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