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A Florida Protest For Reopening Gyms Got Real Weird When People Started Doing Push-Ups And Squats On The Street

Every day it feels more and more like we are living in an alternate universe.

Florida is currently in their "phase one" of reopening.

Most beaches are open.

Restaurants are allowed to serve food.

Barbers can cut hair.

But gyms are still closed.

About 30 protesters gathered in front of the Clearwater, courthouse to protest the gyms not opening.

As pointed out by WFLA, there was no social distancing going on. People weren't wearing masks.

WATCH: Protesters calling for gyms to reopen in Florida are doing squats and push-ups outside the Clearwater courthouse #Florida #COVID19

It was standard a standard reopen protest.

But then things got weird.

Protesters calling for gyms to reopen do squats, push-ups outside Clearwater courthouse

They started doing push-ups.

They started doing squats.

A protest with push-ups and squats.

I feel like I'm living in an alternate universe.

What is even going on anymore?!?!

You can read more about the protest from BuzzFeed News here!