A Clip Of Taylor Swift's Extremely Staticky Hair Is Going Viral, And By Golly Gee, It Has A Life Of Its Own

    "I just know she's lurking and laughing so hard at this video."

    Welcome back to another post about Taylor Swift's Eras tour!

    Taylor on her knees as she sings onstage. She's wearing a long-sleeve flow-y dress with ruffles around the neck

    She's only performed two dates so far, but there has already been plenty of content.

    Taylor looking up as she sings into a microphone. Taylor is wearing a sequined bodysuit suit with matching over-the-knee boots

    I have to once again shout out the fact that she sings 44 songs in EACH show*.

    A wide-view of Taylor's stage with the singer projected on the big screen

    I also have to *shout out* that stage dive...which I'm still trying to figure out.


    Twitter: @TSwiftNZ

    But anyway, we have another viral moment from one of the first two dates that's going around on the socials.

    Taylor performing choreography with backup dancers as they stand with their right legs on their chairs

    It's this clip of her hair:


    her hair lol💀… No its Ashley 😹 @Taylor Swift #theerastour #taylorswift

    ♬ original sound - Gerrrrrrald

    At first I thought it was part of the costume.

    Taylor's shorter hairs on top of her head sticking straight up

    But nope, her hair really had a life of its own.

    Jokes abound in the comments.

    One person said "sparks were definitely flying"

    From "Easter egg" talk (which is highly plausible)...

    Another person said "Sparks Fly easter egg"

    ...to "you know she's lurking"...

    I just know she's lurking and laughing so hard at this video omg

    Some people just can't believe there's really ANOTHER tour outfit.

    One person commented "I've seen 80 different outfits on this tour

    For some reason it's just really funny.

    nataliecooper869 wrote "The more I watch it the funnier it is"

    OK I'm done here, I just thought it was funny.

    Twitter: @GetawaySwiftly


    Taylor diving into water onstage