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20 Guys You Used To Think Were So Hot 20 Years Ago Who Have Aged Very Nicely

You'll be happy to know Chad Michael Murray and Shane West are thriving.

1. Chad Michael Murray then: It's funny how we thought this was hot, but like, I guess it was?

baggy pants with a untucked messy suit
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Chad Michael Murray now:

Here he is with a subtle thirst trap showing off his Teen Choice Awards surfboard he won 17 years ago.

2. Seann William Scott then: We were introduced to him as Stifler, but then he went through a hot guy transformation and did that shirtless Teen People cover. If you know, you know.

a screenshot from american  pie with his tongue out
Universal Pictures

Seann William Scott now:

at a red carpet
Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

He keeps a somewhat low profile. The last picture I could find of him was from 2019:

at the bloodline premiere
Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

I do notice that he has a hand full of tats:

his hand is covered in tattoos
Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

3. Shane West then: Very much in his "bad boy" rebel phase.

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

Shane West now:

Here's a picture he posted on his 42nd birthday:

4. Freddie Prinze Jr. then: He always played a confused soccer player in movies.

Warner Bros. Productions

Freddie Prinze Jr. now:

He's literally sponsored by minivans:

5. Devon Sawa then: I personally think his finest role was the human version of Casper.

in a large leather jacket, very 90s
Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

Devon Sawa now:

Here's a recent shirtless masked selfie:

6. Adam Brody then: Just a boy from the OC with the haircut 90% of 17-year-olds had in 2005.

Getty Images

Adam Brody now:

on the show single parents
Richard Cartwright / Getty Images

Here he is with his real-life wife Leighton Meester on the show Single Parents:

leighton and adam smiling on set
Kelsey Mcneal / Getty Images

7. Joshua Jackson then: Wearing the uniform of the time, a large pleather jacket.

in a large pleather jacket
Getty Images

Joshua Jackson now:

on set dressed as a doctor
Raymond Hall / GC Images

Here's a picture of him celebrating his 40th birthday in 2019:

8. Usher then: Quite the look!

a fur coat and shiny clothing
Getty Images

Usher now:

Here's a picture of him putting on roller skates for some reason:

9. Ashley Parker Angel then: Channeling his inner hipster magician.

long hair with a fedora
Brian Zak / Getty Images

Ashley Parker Angel now:

Waiting for that OnlyFans to drop:

10. Omarion then:

at the vmas in a very 2007 outfit
Scott Gries / Getty Images

Omarion now:

Here's a cute pic celebrating Clarence Lavant's 90th birthday in February:

11. Josh Hartnett then: He didn't know how chairs worked.

he's looking through the opening of a chair
Ron Davis / Getty Images

Josh Hartnett now:

in a snazzy red blazer
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Sometimes he wears glasses:

wearing glasses
Matt Crossick - Pa Images / Getty Images

12. Nick Jonas then: Very into that whole Ed Hardy trend.

wearing skull shirts
Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

Nick Jonas now:

Here's a totally random picture from his "Spaceman" video:

13. Ryan Phillippe then: In the middle of his Justin Timberlake ramen noodle hair phase.

ryan with hair that looks like ramen noodles
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Ryan Phillippe now:

This is what he looks like when he's using his computer:

14. Joseph Gordon-Levitt then: Remember Third Rock From The Sun?

a press shot from 3rd rock
Nbc / Getty Images

Joseph Gordon Levitt now:

Here he is with Stacey Abrams:

15. Mark-Paul Gosselaar then: He's dressed like a 52-year-old dad.

in light jeans and plaid.
Nbc / Getty Images

Mark-Paul Gosselaar now:

Raymond Liu / Getty Images

Here he is with his one true love, Kelly <3

Peacock / Getty Images

16. Marlon Wayans then: He is wearing a beeper.

with his brother and a large cellphone
George De Sota / Getty Images


George De Sota / Getty Images

Marlon Wayans now:

He still wears a Bluetooth:

17. Jesse Bradford then: Here's a fun pic of him with '90s legend Leelee Sobieski.

on a red carpet with leelee
Universal Pictures / Getty Images

Jesse Bradford now:

I get major Burning Man vibes from him:

18. Rider Strong then: Corey's BFF.

Abc Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty

Rider Strong now:

surprised to have his picture taken
Hollywood To You / GC Images / Getty Images

Here he is with a donkey in 2018:

19. Mario Lopez then: Slater!

shirtless with zack
Nbc / Getty Images

Mario Lopez now:

Don't worry, he's still ripped:

20. Paul Rudd then: ...

He literally looks exactly like he does now
Paramount Pictures / Getty Images

Paul Rudd now: He looks the same.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

Paul Rudd now: Like time hasn't even passed.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images