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    Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Oct 7, 2010

    8 Things You Learn About Kim Zolciak From Googling Her

    Inspired by Jezebel’s Google Me music video, here are 8 things you learn about Kim Zolciak from Googling her name. This is basically everything you need to know about her.

    • 1. This is her real hair:

    • 2. Her nipples were moved, torn

    • 3. She used to look like this:

    • 4. She might be a drag queen

    • 5. This is how she reacted to DJ AM's death:

      Via Jezebel.

    • 6. She sleeps with her wigs

    • 7. She is a gold digger and professional mistress, her middle name is "wigs"

      Via Jezebel.

    • 8. She drives with a glass of wine:

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